August, 2022 Vedic Astrology Planet Transits`

August 2, 2022

The exciting planet changes of August 2022 are upon us! We have gotten beyond the recent event of Jupiter going into Retrograde (actually a good thing, making this great benefic even stronger, in its own sign of Pisces) on 7/28/22, and Mercury getting out of combustion with the Sun on 7/29/2022, which is a big help for clearer communications. TODAY, we have a very strong MARS in its own sign of Aires (a war-like sign and planet) totally conjunct to the exact degree with RAHU, the North Node of the Moon. We’ve seen today that this fiery conjunction spelled curtains for the Al Quada leader hiding in Afghanistan, who was one of the leaders responsible for 9/11. As President Biden stated, America always finds and eliminates those who try to bring harm to our great country and its citizens. Further turmoil may ensue in other global areas, until MARS pulls away from Rahu on 8/10/22 and they no longer are in the same sign.

8/06/22 – VENUS enters water sign Cancer on this date, until 8/31/22, bringing more affection, love, artistic delights plus enjoyable time with friends, for those with Cancer Rising or Moon Signs. Taureans are ruled by Venus, and will enjoy this 3rd house transit. It should be good for getting many projects done, some artistic work as well, and closeness with siblings. Venus also rules Libras. This transit represents their 10th house of action, career, name and fame, so is likewise a boon for Librans.

8/10/22 – MARS enters Taurus. This is helpful in several ways for those with Aries Rising or Moon signs (see above), and includes better energy around finances. For Scorpios, travel may become the focus, or time spent with partners. For Taureans, Mars brings some 12th house energy, so a desire for some seclusion may arise, though your partner will want to be around you, as Mars also rules your 7th house.

8/16/22 – The SUN enters its own sign of LEO, enlivening the natural leadership energy of those with Leo Rising or Moon signs. There’s a revived sense of personal power for our Leo friends, and this placement is good for the government, as well.

7/31/22 – VENUS enters LEO, adding more fun to the Leos’ party. Taureans will enjoy the ruler of their chart passing through the 4th house of home, friends and self confidence. Libras will benefit too, as it is there 11th house of gain and income.

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