More Planet Moves, as viewed from the Sunshine Corner 3/19/2010

As the Vernal Equinox brings Spring to us in North America this Saturday, March 20th, the Moon will be in Taurus, very happy in its sign of Exaltation.

Venus entered Pisces, its sign of Exaltation on March 2 and will stay there until March 26th. Although this is primarily a good influence, many of us really felt it in the days just preceding this transit, when benefic Venus was in planetary war with benefic Jupiter! (which is still in Aquarius). That didn’t fell very good at all.

Since Feb. 24th, Mercury has been combust. It’s been traveling so close to the Sun that all its Karakatwas (things it stands for) are very burnt to a crisp, so to speak. That includes communication, intellect and discrimination, to name a few. I have noticed that all three areas have taken a big HIT and gone haywire since Mercury also moved into Pisces, its sign of Debilitation on March 14th.

There was a nice sigh of relief when long-debilitated in transit Mars went into Direct motion on March 10th.

But with the Sun following right on Mercury’s heals, within 2 hours, going into Pisces as well, we had quite a lineup there for awhile. Exalted Venus was helping out the debilitation of Mercury, to some degree. But the combustion has still caused some nearly “funny” (if it were not so inconvenient!) situations of people missing their appointments due to either having the wrong TIME or even the wrong DAY in their minds or schedule books, even when I’ve sent confirmation emails with those exact details in them – to which the clients have responded, “okay, see you then.” But of course, they didn’t.

Yes, it has really caused some practical problems in my own schedule and that of others I’ve spoken to. Mercury does not go non-combust until March 28th, so hang in there everyone, and try to keep your sense of humor! “This too shall pass.” Then on March 29th, it will get out of debilitation, and enter the sign of Aries.

Heads up for the next Mercury Retrograde period: April 17th – May 11, 2010. You can read my previous articles as to the effect of a transitting retrograde planet on our lives, especially Mercury since it deals with communication.

Still smiling from the Sunshine Corner, on such a snowy day in Boulder, CO!

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