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September Skies: Vedic Astrology Blog by Mary Stevenson

September 4, 2016

There’s much to report in the realm of planet interactions this month.

9/01/16 – The Sun was eclipsed by malefic north node of the Moon, Rahu, in its own sign of LEO.  However, this eclipse was barely visible anywhere, and not at all in the USA so other than those with Leo Rising or Moons signs, who may have felt some energetic shifts, I do not feel this was a very significant event, for most.

9/06/16 – MERCURY (which is already retrograde) goes combust the Sun.  This condition lasts until 9/16. It does not make Mercury a happy camper, thus misunderstandings and verbal disagreements may ensue, with Mercury not able to provide his usual tactfulness and diplomacy.

MERCURY RETROGRADE began last month and will go until 9/21.  At first, it won’t be too much of a problem, since this planet that deals with communication has been crossing Virgo, its own sign, where it is strong and happy. BUT!  It will back up into LEO, the previous sign on 9/09/16.  There it will be sitting with the Sun (briefly, until it moves) and malefic RAHU.  Things will get more dicey for those ruled by Mercury, Geminis and Virgos.  Especially the Virgos may experience more challenging results at this time, with the ruler of their charts crossing their 12th house of loss, expenses, seclusion or isolation.  Add to this Rahu playing a wild card thrown into this transit.  This condition lasts until 10/03/16, when Mercury will return to Virgo, and peace and order will be restored for you.

9/11/16 – Benefic JUPITER goes combust the Sun.  This condition lasts until 10/10/16 affecting those ruled by Jupiter, Pisces and Sagittarius.  You have a normally happy, upbeat nature, but could feel some inner “pinch” at this time. Take care of yourself and know that “this too shall pass.”

9/16/16 – the Sun enters Virgo. Here it escapes its one month transit with malefic Rahu.  That will come as a relief.  Jupiter and Venus will still be in Virgo at this time.  Those with Virgo Rising and Moon signs may have to watch their tendency to spend now, caused by the Sun, their 12th ruler, crossing the 1st house of self.

9/16/16 – Meanwhile, that same day, there will be a Penumbral Lunar eclipse (partial).  We are fortunate that it will not be visible in the USA. Regions which will be seeing at least some parts of the eclipse: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, West in South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic, Antarctica. Eclipses are not auspicious in the tradition of  Vedic Astrology, thus those in the areas where the light of this eclipsed luminary is visible, will experience the greatest effects. 

9/17/16 – MARS ENTERS SAGITTARIUS!  Finally this long ordeal that has been going on since 7/12/16, with Mars transiting Scorpio in conjunction with Saturn, will be over. Both planets will breath their respective signs of relief.  This has not been an easy transit especially, for those with Aries Rising or Moon signs, since Scorpio represents their 8th house of vulnerability, battles and disunion, transformation, life and death.  It will be such a blessing for the ruler of your sign to now enter your 9th “best” house in your chart and bring you support of Nature, good luck and good fortune.

9/18/16 – VENUS enters Libra its own sign. This great benefic will be very happy here and benefit those with Libra Rising or Moon signs greatly.  The other sign ruled by Venus is Taurus. They will not have as easy a run of it, since Libra represents their 6th house of stress, worry, enemies, rivals and competitors, plus possible health problems. This transit lasts until 10/13/16.

There is no doubt that next month will be an easier ride for most of us, once Mars finally moves away from Saturn on 9/17; Mercury gets out of retrograde on 9/21 and we get further past the two eclipses of September.

To get a better understanding of how all these transits and other factors affect your personal life, call me for a reading!

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OCTOBER Planet Changes

October 4, 2015


Aren’t we all glad to be beyond the eclipses of September?  I know I am, and looking forward to more positive energies in October, especially as Mercury soon gets out of retrograde!

October 6 – Mercury gets out of its combustion with the Sun.  This has been going on since September 24th. When a planet is traveling too closely to this fiery orb, its qualities get “scorched” a bit. Thus, in the case of Mercury, tactfulness, diplomacy and clear communication could have gone by the wayside.  Everyone would have been affected but especially those with Rising, Moon or Sun signs of Gemini and Virgo in the Vedic Astrology system.

October 9 – MERCURY GOES DIRECT!   Returning to direct motion after its three weeks of “going backwards” allows all the areas that Mercury governs to experience smooth functioning again (see above), so this is especially good news for the Virgos and Geminis. Mercury also rules commerce as well as communication in general, plus the intellect. I expect that decision-making for many people can now be somewhat clearer and freer of underlying dysfunctional patterns.

October 17 – SUN moves into movable air sign LIBRA. The Sun will spend one month in this, its sign of debilitation. It is at its weakest here but Libra’s symbol is the scales of justice. One thing the Sun signifies is government. Thus it is possible this harmony-loving sign of Libra will help bring fair play and balance back into certain current imbalances in governmental-controlled systems. We can hope for the best.

October 26 – Mercury once again becomes combust the Sun. This condition will last all the way to December 13th.  We will need to guard against speech that seems more irritable than usual, and try harder to have patience with the foibles of others. Yes, I know; at times that does not seem easy! This will be one of those times.

October 29 – Mercury enters Libra where it will stay until November 16th. I know you are probably thinking, “Is it ALL ABOUT MERCURY THIS MONTH?” That does seem to be the case, as other than the sign changes of the Moon every 2.5 days, and the Sun doing its once a month shift on October 17th, Mercury is the only planetary player going through changes this month. Let’s hope this means more of an “all quiet on the western front” set of experiences for those ruled by the other planets!

All the best, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Sedona, AZ.  Tel. No. 928-284-4060.  Thank you for any referrals you may send me.  I offer many services such as: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for a family member or dear one, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes, taped session.  Thank you, Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer,,,

May 7th 2013 003





Both SUN and Venus in Exalted Status now

May 5, 2014

Vedic Astrology Planet Changes for May, 2014

We now have both the lunar and solar eclipses of April behind us, and thus we can hope for some more peaceful times.

For a few days, we had THREE planets all in their signs of Exaltation: Moon, Sun and Venus.  The Moon was only in Taurus from April 30th at 3:55 a.m. MDT until May 2nd at 12:38 p.m. MDT, as it changes signs every two and a half days.

When both the Sun and Moon are exalted, each year one day is named the Day of Lasting Achievement, so if you got any projects done on May 1st, going into May 2nd, that was an auspicious time for new beginnings, etc.

Those with Rising or Moon signs of Cancer, would have enjoyed that brief couple of days with the ruler of their charts in that high status in the house of gain and income.

The Sun has been exalted in Aries since April 13 and will stay in that sign until it moves into Taurus on May 14, thus LEO Rising and Moon signs (which are ruled by the Sun) have been enjoying greater support of Nature and the feeling of personal power which they love so much.  Aries, likewise would be feeling rearing to go, except for that malefic Ketu still in the sign of Aries (until 7/13/14).

VENUS, a great benefic planet which rules the signs of Libra and Taurus, went into Pisces its sign of Exaltation on April 27 and stays there until May 23 – this is beneficial to the Taurus Ascendent and Moon sign folks, as it is crossing through their house of gain and income. For the Librans, it is not so helpful there, since Pisces represents their 6th house of stress, worry, anxiety, enemies, rivals and competitors, multiplying those factors in their lives. Sorry, Librans. We know you have been under much duress already with that long-transiting Saturn, plus malefic north node of the Moon, RAHU crossing your 1st house! It won’t last much longer, so hang in there.

MERCURY just moved into Taurus on May 4th – this is helpful to Virgos, as it is the ruler of their chart now passing through their 9th house of good luck, good fortune, Natural Law and remedies. Not so helpful to the other sign it rules, GEMINI, as this represents your 12th house of isolation, solitude, losses and expenses, but it can be a time of spiritually going inward, so try and enjoy that aspect of the transit.

Mercury is also getting out of Combustion (traveling too close to the Sun) on May 8th, which will be a relief to Virgos and Geminis, and also helpful for smoother communication in general, for most everyone. 

MERCURY enters Gemini on May 22 at 2:52 p.m. MDT, which will be wonderful for both the Geminis and Virgos of the Vedic Astrology world, as there it is strong in its own sign, bringing more clarity to the intellect, communication and commerce.

MAY 19th is a big date, with Mars finally going direct, from its position in VIRGO, which sign it had retrograded back into some time ago.  Those ruled by MARS (Scorpio and Aries) will have a sensation of progress or events which may have been stalled, moving forward once more.

Thank you for any referrals you may send me for  a personal reading, yearly reading, couples compatibility reading or astrocartography reading,or if you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for a family member of dear one. Please just call on me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes, taped session. From the Sunshine Corner, as ever, Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, 303-473-9393,





MARS and SATURN are both retrograde now, as of 3/01 and 3/02

March 3, 2014

MARCH Planet Report: We currently have THREE planets in retrograde motion or “the appearance of going backwards” which does not bode so well for the areas these planets govern in your own natal Vedic birth chart.  You can also page down to previous Blog posts of mine, in which I describe at length the effect of planetary retrograde periods.  Planets get stronger to deliver what they stand for, while in retrograde. Mars and Saturn are considered malefic, plus they are enemies to one another, so traveling through the same sign i..e “being conjunct” is not an easy situation on a big scale, much less in certain individual charts.

On March 1st at 9:24 a.m. MST, MARS went retrograde.

On March 2nd at 9:12 a.m. MST, SATURN went retrograde.

Both planets have been traveling through the air sign of Libra, also conjunct with malefic lunar north node RAHU.  This malefic “planetary pile up” has been none too comfortable for those with Libra Rising or Moon signs (and to a lesser degree, Sun signs), for quite some time.  Hang in there, Librans!

As I have mentioned before, MARS and SATURN are “great enemies” so it is like rubbing two rocks together to produce sparks when they are traveling through the same sign. The President will have his hands full during this cycle, as Saturn rules his chart. At least Saturn is in the highest dignity, being exalted, but he will feel “up to his neck in alligators” including dealing with certain “foreigners” (Rahu governs foreigners) as long as these conjunctions continue.  There is just some roughness to be expected when the three strongest malefic planets have to share the same sign!

Who else gets impacted by this planetary placement? SCORPIO Ascendants and Moon sign folks, that’s who. Here in Libra, the ruler of your chart is now passing through your 12th house of loss and expenses. This may also make you tend to feel isolated or conversely, prefer seclusion. You can expect the same results, once Mars returns to Libra on 7/13, after its sojourn back in Virgo for a few months.

MARS backs all the way up into VIRGO on 3/24 where it will stay until 7/13. That is a very long haul, indeed (it goes into Direct motion on 5/19).  VIRGO Ascendants and Moon sign people will not be as comfortable with this fiery malefic passing through an enemy’s sign here. Mars rules Virgo’s 8th house of vulnerability. You could feel very active, restless, ambitious, but just not “settled” or comfortable, and perhaps even a little accident-prone.  VIRGO is the sign of the perfectionist.  On a global level, groups governed by this sign may fight to “prove” they are “right”!  Just a reminder that it is better to choose to be happy over “being right”, Virgos!

Mars was already in this practical Earth sign of Virgo from 11/26/13 through 2/04/14.  Therefore, projects begun in that timeframe may need to be revisited, updated or revised, to achieve final completion.

JUPITER, a great benefic, has been retrograde since 11/06/13. It finally goes direct motion on 3/06/14 at 3:19 a.m. MST. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Those who have these as Rising Signs or Moon signs, will be pleased to experience some forward momentum once again.

Remember to set your clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday morning, March 9th! (for all States that observe same).

MERCURY enters Aquarius on 3/11, joined by Venus on 3/30/14. This is a friend’s sign to them both and those with the fixed air sign of Aquarius as Ascendants or Moon signs will enjoy the playfulness that these two planets will bring.

The Sun is in Aquarius until 3/14, when it moves into Pisces. This is the 8th house for Leos, the sign ruled by the Sun, so you could find yourself “going through changes” in the 30 day period beginning 3/14, as the 8th house represents transformation, vulnerability and sexuality.

APRIL will feature a total Lunar eclipse on 4/15 and an annular Solar eclipse on 4/29, so “watch this space” as we’ll discuss the impacts of these celestial events, next month.

When is the last time you treated yourself to a Vedic Astrology reading? It is only in the context of a personal reading that I can fully explain what all these planet movements mean for you now, and in the year ahead.

Thank you for any referrals you may send me for  a personal reading, yearly reading, couples compatibility reading or astrocartography reading, or if you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for a family member of dear one. Please just call on me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes, taped session. From the Sunshine Corner, as ever, Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, 303-473-9393,


The Clash of the Titans: Saturn/Rahu conjunction, with Mars aspecting

August 15, 2013

Tremendous planetary energies are affecting us now.  

There is so much to describe as to the conditions which will linger all through this Autumn and really need to be taken note of.  These times are not for the “faint of heart.” First I will quote the esteemed and reknown Jyotishi Chakrapani Ullal here, and then add my

comments below that. This will give you the big picture:

Upcoming Planetary Influences for the United States Posted on July 30, 2013 by Chakrapani Ullal

“In the yearly predictions for 2013-2014, I stated “Whenever Saturn and Rahu are in transit and affected by Mars or the Sun, there will be situations which attract challenges. Caution is indicated in September and October, which looks to be the most difficult period for the country this year. Saturn and Mars are in aspect during these months. SunRahu, and Saturn together have the potential for creating turmoil in some area of the country. There can be many kinds of challenges during this time. It is a period of vulnerability, with the possibility for incidents that may affect many people. Therefore, during the month of September in particular, it is a time in which the country is susceptible to influences out of our control.”

As I mentioned above, the planets during this period – specifically the SunMarsSaturn, and Rahu – are generally ferocious, and they bring some of their worst qualities. Therefore, between about the 15th of July until about 15th of October is expected to be a period of trouble, bringing all the possibilities of fire, accident, explosion, floods, tornadoes, or any other natural calamities.

The two recent airplane crashes of Asiana Airlines flight 214 and Southwest Airlines 345 are a precursor to this difficult period. Thus, caution is advised when travelling, especially in September. The influence of Rahu and Mars also promotes political agitation, as we have seen with the national reaction to George Zimmerman’s trial.

These planetary activities will also affect the Middle East very badly. The peace talks anticipated between Israel and Palestine are likely to fail. The agitation in Middle Eastern countries like Egypt and Syria is likely to go through an intense period of revolution and struggle. Therefore, one can anticipate many people experiencing troubles and difficulties, as all of these challenges can be anticipated during this period.”

To add details to the wise words above, I add the following:  Even NOW as Saturn and Rahu approach each other, they are in what is called a “close orb of influence”, which is less than 6 degrees apart from each other.  It was on 1/14/2013 that Rahu joined Saturn in Libra (and hopefully you’ll recall from my earlier blogs, how strong Saturn in this, its sign of exaltation).  Rahu travels backwards, as Saturn travels forward into this sign.  The will be AT THE EXACT SAME DEGREE on September 16th!  Since they both move so slowly, I’d predict that the whole two weeks prior, till at least two weeks after that date, the intensity will still be felt by most everyone, on some level.

8/18/2013 – MARS enters Cancer (its sign of debilitation) and will stay there until 10/05.  Thus it will be aspecting Saturn and Rahu in Libra, at the same time that Saturn is aspecting Mars. These two planets are “great enemies” and Mars is the planet associated with war. The mix is not good at all.  Some very important dates to keep an eye on here:

9/08 – 9/09/13 = MARS and SATURN aspecting each other to the very same degree (with Rahu less than one degree away too).

9/05/13 – VENUS enters its own sign of Libra where normally it is healthy and happy, but now has to put up with the other occupants already there: Rahu and Saturn.  Venus will be receiving MARS exact degree aspect approximately 9/27 through 9/29. 

KALA SARPA YOGA will likewise be running on the following dates: 8/26-9/08 and again on 10/19-11/03.  This inauspicious yoga is when all other planets are lined up between Rahu and Ketu. I invite you to google for more definition of these effects.

10/17 – 11/15/13 – the SUN goes into Libra (its sign of debilitation) to be then traveling there with SATURN (its great enemy) and malefic Rahu.  This is the breeding ground for further governmental troubles and not comfortable for those with Libra as their Rising or Moon signs, not to mention the Scorpios among us, as these planets will be crossing your 12th house of loss and expenses now.

The following planet changes occur as time marches into Fall, 2013 and I will discuss them more in depth next month, but you should have a head’s up about them now:

I have written before about how eclipses are inauspicious, especially where visible:

10/18 – penumbral Lunar Eclipse affects the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia.

10/21 – 11/10/13 = MERCURY RETROGRADE

11/03 – solar eclipse visible in eastern part of the Americas, south Europe, Africa, Middle East

11/06 – JUPITER goes retrograde

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MAY 2013 Planet Report: Venus enters Taurus; 2 Eclipses this month

May 4, 2013

The planets remain very intense, with 5 planets in ARIES and 3 of them are combust the Sun.

That changes to just 4 planets in Aries (Ketu, Sun, Mars, Mercury) today, once VENUS enters its own sign of Taurus, where it will be happier, and also then be keeping company with the other great benefic planet, Jupiter, who has been there for the past year.

If you have not read my blog post for last month (April, 2013), please do so. It was after I wrote that, that we had the following intense events: Boston Marathon bombing and chaos, Texas fertilizer plant explosion, deadly earthquake in China, Bangladesh clothing factory disaster, the big fire in southern California, and now Israel bombing an ammunition location in Syria.  The “fiery events” prediction I made has been coming true, since Aries is a fire sign and the Sun is most powerful in that sign, while Mars is in there too, and quite powerful there, as that is its own sign, but Mars is traveling too close (combust) the Sun and they are both conjunct with tricky Ketu! (south node of the Moon).

So the above is by way of a quick review.  As of right now Mars, Mercury and Venus are still all 3 combust the Sun, while in fiery Aries – Venus will remain combust even once it moves to Taurus today.

May 10th – annular SOLAR ECLIPSE.  This inauspicious event will occur while the Sun is still in Aries, and it will be visible in Australia, eastern Papua, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the Gilbert Islands, Indonesia, Oceania and the central Pacific Ocean. Effects are always felt most keenly in the areas in which an eclipse is visible. Please read previous blog posts of mine as to how the eclipses are defined and discussed by Vedic Astrology.

May 25th – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Scorpio. This partial eclipse of the Moon WILL be visible in the Americas and western Africa. It is best to avoid looking at eclipses or partaking of food for 2 hours on either side of an eclipse, especially for pregnant women.

Planets begin to pile up in Taurus, the fixed earth sign whose symbol is the Bull.

May 4th – Venus moves into Taurus 12:51 p.m. MDT.

May 12 – Mercury enters Taurus 9:08 p.m. MDT.

May 14th – the Sun enters Taurus 10:50 a.m. MDT.

May 22 – Mars joins the others in Taurus 9:42 p.m. MDT.

JUPITER has already been in Taurus for a year (it will stay there until entering GEMINI on May 30, 2013) – so for a brief time there will be 5 planets sitting in this one sign, which fortunately is a more benign and not so fiery place for them, than Aries! 

Those with Taurus Ascendents or Moon signs will enjoy Venus sparking their creativity and when Mars joins in the fun, feeling more sexy and attractive. The Sun brings energy and Mercury the gift of gab or it will certainly stimulate better communications. This will be a big relief for our Taurus friends, after so long with the planet pile up that has been going on in their 12th house of loss and expenses.

To sum up….any month with two eclipses is not considered very auspicious. Whatever astrological sign is host to a “pile up of planets” can have a very busy time, and sometimes with too intense to handle events, a la what has happened all of last month with the pile up in ARIES.  As I mentioned, things should even out some once they march on into TAURUS, especially as the various planets get out of combustion with the Sun.

Venus goes non-combust May 6th; Mercury goes non-combust May 23.  Mars stays combust until June 27th, so those ruled by Mars (Aries and Scorpio Rising and Moon signs) will still be “feeling the heat” until then.

I am personally looking forward to Jupiter going into the Air sign of Gemini for a year as of May 30 – more on that in my next post.

After I wrote my post early last month, a friend forwarded me predictions from an eminent Indian Jyotishi, Narashimha Rao. He spoke of the same type of fiery events that I had mentioned, adding points about “The tricky and dangerous military/political events in the world” and “explosive situations.” Yes, we have seen a multitude of these events happening, both the man-made type and natural disasters.  I don’t expect to see any let-up of same until some of these planets both move into Taurus, a very grounded and practical (not fiery) Earth sign, and get out of combustion!

Prayers for peace to all, and as usual please feel free to forward this blog post to others. I may be contacted to book personal readings at 303-473-9393 and