July 2022 Vedic Astrology Planet Transits

July 3, 2022

It’s that time again!….to look the planets again. July looks to be an exciting month of changes. Let’s dive right in here.

July 1st – MERCURY entered Gemini, its own sign, where it will be strong and happy. This is great news for those with Gemini Rising charts, because Mercury rules their chart and it was staying in their 12th house of loss, expenses, solitude and isolation for a long time, due to a retrograde period in that sign of Taurus. It was in there since April 24. Communication can expand now and much more ease and forward movement will be experienced by our Gemini friends! It is a good transit, too, for Virgos, also ruled by Mercury, as it is now crossing their 10th house of Dharma, action, career, name and fame.

July 4th – Mercury goes combust the Sun, until July 29th. This cycle in which a planet travels too close to the Sun makes a planet grouchy, angry, more reactive than normal.  There are six of these periods for Mercury in 2022, which seems more than usual. Combustion occurs more frequently for Mercury than any other planet, because it habitually travels closer to the Sun.  Nonetheless, you may feel the subtle effects of just being more sensitive or reactive to things you normally would let roll off your back.  Employ techniques to maintain your equilibrium and peace of mind during these cycles.  Mercury rules the skin and nerves, so imbalances may be felt in both these areas now.

July 12th – SATURN backs up into Capricorn, its own sign. Of course, it’s been in Aquarius, also its own sign, since April 28th, 2022. As this slowest-moving planet returns to Earth sign Capricorn, it may bring the opportunity to revisit matters one had thought the door was closed on already. That’s what retrograde periods are good for! Depending on what house Capricorn rules in your birth chart, that will determine the types of experiences that are likely. For those with Capricorn Rising or Moon signs, this transit will cause them to double down on hard work, focus, and having a structure to carry out their well-made plans.

July 12th – VENUS enters Gemini, a friend’s sign, joining Mercury and the Sun there. Creativity is stimulated for our Gemini Rising or Moon sign friends. More playfulness, joy and affection can come through now, courtesy of these three planets. Enjoy!

July 16th – The SUN enters the water sign of Cancer for its one month transit. Cancerians will enjoy closeness with family and improved finances, while Leos, ruled by the Sun, may experience a month of expenses now.

July 16th – Mercury goes into Cancer. Mercury is moving pretty quickly through the zodiac now. This is a good transit for both Geminis and Virgos, ruled by Mercury, for it represents the 2nd house of family, wealth and communication for Geminis, and the 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire for Virgos.

July 28th – JUPITER goes retrograde! This period lasts until November 23, 2022. The good thing about this is that Jupiter is a great benefic (positive planet) representing knowledge, wisdom, good judgment, good luck and good fortune. It will remain in its own sign of Pisces, where it is in high dignity, for the entire retrograde period. This is a blessing, really. When a benefic planet goes retrograde, it gets more powerful to do good. It’s very positive for those with Pisces Rising or Moon signs; also for those with Sagittarius Rising or Moon signs.

July 31st – Mercury moves into Leo, as it continues moving at a rapid pace: Three signs in one month! This planet represents communication, diplomacy, tactfulness and commerce. Those with Leo Rising and Moon signs benefit as Mercury represents “money houses” for them! For Virgos, this is a 12th house transit so watch for expenses and feeling isolated. But this only lasts until August 20th, when Mercury moves into Virgo, its own sign, which will be very beneficial for both our Gemini and Virgo friends.

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