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November Vedic Planet Blog and a Memorial Tribute

November 2, 2017

Thank you if you have any friends that may forward my blogs to, who may find them of interest.

Saturn moved into Sagittarius on October 26th. I am wondering how that has affected your life? 

Saturn has been sweeping away into the Next World, a number of people whose charts were thus affected, including famed Vedic Astrologer Chakrapani Ullal, and one of my closest friends, Sandra Messick. I am grieving the loss of my friend and dedicating this month’s Blog to her.

11/01/17- MERCURY moved into Scorpio today.  This works out fine for Virgos, as it will bring creative energy to their projects and help increase business. For the other sign ruled by Mercury, which is Gemini, this placement is not as helpful, as Scorpio represents their 6th house of health problems, enemies, rivals and competitors. Worry and nerves could now be a bother to our Gemini friends. It will stay in this sign until 11/24.

11/02/17 – VENUS moves into its own sign of Libra, where it becomes strong and healthy, which is a relief after its stint in Virgo, its sign of debilitation.  Venus joins the Sun and benefic Jupiter in this air sign, so lots of energy now for Libras, with two benefics and the Sun here.  Venus here relieves to a degree, the Sun’s debilitation in this sign. Libras benefit and may feel more like a flower in bloom than they have in some time.  Taureans are also ruled by benefic Venus.  Libra represents their 6th house so there it can multiply their worries, stress and some health concerns, especially the endocrine system or reproductive organs, so it’s a good time to get a check up.

11/09/17 – JUPITER gets out of combustion with the Sun. This will be a relief for Pisceans and Sagittarians, as this ruler of their charts has been traveling too close to the Sun for comfort since October 12th. 

11/15/17 – The SUN enters water sign Scorpio, a friend’s sign.  The Sun rules Leo, so they will feel more connected to friends and enjoy the comforts of home. Scorpios, on the other hand, receive the 10th house action and power energy of the Sun now, which makes them more active.

11/24/17 – MERCURY enters fire sign Sagittarius.  Geminis will feel more outgoing, connecting to others more as the ruler of their charts crosses the 7th house of travel, business, partners and other people.  For Virgos, this is their 4th house, so also a positive placement. They should be spending more time with friends and supporters.

11/26/17 – VENUS enters Scorpio, bringing its charm to this fixed water sign.  Our Scorpio friends will feel more affectionate and attractive now.  Libras benefit as this is their 2nd house of wealth, family and speech.  Taurus Rising and Moon signs benefit from this transit with the ruler of their charts passing through their 7th house of business, partners and travel.

11/28/17 – Venus goes combust the Sun. When a planet travels too close to the Sun it can feel angry, irritable, edgy and more reactive than usual.  This translates into this type of underlying feeling level for Librans and Taureans, the signs that Venus rules.

11/29/17 – MARS moves into Libra today. This will energize those with Libra Rising or Moon signs, and bring attention from partners, family and a nice connection with money, based on the houses it rules for them.  For Scorpios, this is their 12th house so they could feel a bit more withdrawn or reclusive at this time.  But the wisest way to rule this placement is with a focus on spiritual development, possibly attending some retreat or even some foreign travel is possible for some.  For the other sign ruled by Mars, Aries, this is their 7th house of partners, so this transit serves to help them connect to a partner, focus now on business or enjoy some traveling.

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MERCURY goes RETROGRADE on Election Day, November 6, 2012

November 5, 2012

On Tuesday, November 6th at 4:04 p.m. MST, Mercury will go into retrograde motion.

This retrograde period will last until November 26th. How will it impact our national presidential election? There could be confusion and problems with certain polling precincts and ballot tabulations, for one thing.

However, most of the transiting planets look favorable for re-election for our President Barak Obama. Mercury will be “hemmed in by malefics” i.e. a little “sandwich” between malefic Mars and malefic (debilitated) Rahu, in Scorpio.  Interesting that Mercury rules Obama’s 6th house of “enemies, rivals and competitors” and in Scorpio, it is sitting in his 11th house of gain. It also governs his 9th house of Good Luck and Good Fortune, which he should gain a good portion of, from this planetary placement tomorrow.

To also quote a fellow Vedic Astrologer regarding President Obama’s chart for election day (whose name I do not know as this was forwarded to me without that being listed): “In transit, he will have 6 of the 7 planets passing through a Bindu (auspicious) point, in Ashtakavarga, a very positive sign.”

On Inauguration Day, Jan 21, 2013, he will be running Saturn-Saturn-Mercury period; Mercury governs his 9th house (Dharma, luck, fortune) and is well-placed in his chart.”

There has been so much written on the election, and candidates’ birth charts, let us also focus on some other planetary influences which will affect us.

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE occurs on November 13th, in its sign of debilitation, Libra.  There is a very good website on which you can view the area of the eclipse: http://www.eclipse.gsfc.nasa/gov.

total solar eclipse will be seen from parts of Australia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, South America and Antarctica on November 13–14, 2012. It will be November 14 local time when the eclipse is visible in places west of the International Date Line.  The eclipse starts at 19:38 Universal Time (UT) on November 13 and ends at 00:46 UT on November 14, 2012.

Since this eclipse will not be visible in the USA, it will have less impact on us here.

LUNAR ECLIPSE (penumbral) on November 28, 2012.  Eastern Canada and the USA will miss the eclipse entirely since it begins after moonset. Observers in western Canada and the USA will have the best views (but it is NOT good to look at eclipses!) with moonset occurring sometime after mid-eclipse. To catch the entire event, one must be in Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, or East Asia. The areas in which an eclipse is visible, will receive the most impact from this celestial phenomenon, according to the ancient texts. Unsettling changes, societal disruptions and natural weather or geological disasters often correspond to these events, some time after they occur.

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