September 2022 Planet Transits

August 31, 2022

It’s time to check in on the Vedic Astrology planet movements for September, keeping in mind that this ancient system uses the Sidereal Zodiac. We are in for another MERCURY RETROGRADE period 9/09 until 10/02/22.

9/09/22 – MERCURY goes Retrograde until 10/02/22. But this time we are a bit lucky as it occurs in its own sign of Virgo, where it is in its sign of Exaltation in the middle degrees of that Earth sign, where it will be as the retrograde period begins. I expect that communications may not be so impacted as they typically are when retrogrades occur in other than the two signs owned by this planet of communications, diplomacy, tactfulness, intellect and commerce, Virgo and Gemini. We will then have THREE planets in retrograde status, including Saturn and Jupiter.

9/14/22 – VENUS goes combust the Sun, so its normally upbeat qualities may feel overshadowed. This period lasts all the way to 12/01/22! When a planet transits too close to the Sun, those ruled by it can feel more edgy or irritable or easier to anger than usual. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus.

9/16/22 – MERCURY goes combust the Sun. just until 9/29/22, so Geminis and Virgos, ruled by Mercury may feel much the same as those ruled by Venus, during this brief period, keeping in mind Mercury will also be in retrograde, so certain conditions in the lives of those ruled by Mercury may have the “appearance of going backwards,” or at least on hold and not moving forward as quickly as they would wish. Communication in general does not flow as easily for everyone, during these periods.

9/24/22 – VENUS enters Virgo, its sign of Debilitation, and will remain there until 10/18/22. For Taurus Rising or Moon sign charts, this is their 5th house of learning, teaching, children, romance and success in worldly projects, so that is a decent transit for them despite the weaker status of debilitation for their ruling planet. However for the Libra Rising or Moon sign folks, Virgo is their 12th house of loss, expenses, isolation or solitude, so that is not as beneficial a period for them.

NEXT MONTH PREVIEW: Looks like a very active and significant month of planet changes, with Saturn finally going Direct motion on 10/22/22, a partial Solar Eclipse on 10/25/22 (though not visible in North America), and Mars going Retrograde on 10/30/22.

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