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February Planets Dance Through the Vedic Star Sky

February 1, 2016

We start the month with Jupiter being the only planet in retrograde motion.

January 7th is the date Jupiter went retrograde. It gets out of this condition on May 9th, which is when relief comes to the signs it rules, Sagittarius and Pisces. Thus if your Ascendant or Moon sign is one of these, you now have the opportunity to work on finishing up some old business or getting to the bottom of a situation that had eluded your grasp previously.  That is one thing a retrograde period is good for.

A further complication for our Sag and Pisces friends is the situation of Jupiter being conjunct, to the very same degree for some days now, with malefic Rahu, the north node of the Moon, who is known as the “seizer.”  The lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, only eclipse our solar system luminaries, the Sun and Moon, in the technical sense. Energetically though, those ruled by Jupiter could feel that something is trying to “eclipse” their goals or feelings at this time.  Because both Rahu and Jupiter are in backwards (retrograde) movement now, this to-the-very-degree situation will continue for some time.  By Feb. 20th they will finally at least be more than one degree apart, which will help some.

Virgos and Geminis in the Vedic Astrology zodiac have been feeling relieved since the ruler of their chart, Mercury, got out of retrograde on January 25. 

Feb. 8 – MERCURY moves into Capricorn, a friend’s sign (its friend Venus joins him there on Feb. 12th).  For Virgos this represents the 5th house of learning, education, success, children and love affairs, plus inclinations of the mind.  Thus Virgos get the good end of this particular transit.  For Geminis, the other sign ruled by Mercury, it is not as much fun, as Capricorn represents their 8th house of battles, disunion, transformation and vulnerability.  We can only ask the all-important question, “What am I to learn from this situation?” rather than let possible insecurities overtake us during this period of changing circumstances.

Feb. 12 – VENUS enters Capricorn, a friend’s sign.  This bodes well for both signs ruled by this great benefic, Libra and Taurus. For the Libras, the ruler of their chart will now be crossing the 4th house of home, real estate, friends, vehicles, self confidence.  There could be some cozy times spent at home or genial social gatherings with friends now.  For the Taureans, Capricorn represents their 9th house of good luck, good fortune, destiny, dharma, remedies, pilgrimage, natural law, higher education, etc.  Thus our Taurus friends should be in for a period of feeling lucky and on point in their endeavors.

As a reminder, your Dashas are King! That means your personal planetary cycles weigh more in the analysis of a chart reading, than do the transits.  I give insights on where the planets are in the sky each month in this Blog, to offer a taste of what this 5,000-year old aspect of Vedic Science can do to offer insights into the trends going on in your life, but nothing replaces a personal chart reading, FYI.

Feb. 13 – The SUN moves into Aquarius.  For the Aquarians, the Sun owns the 7th house, representing partners, thus those with Aquarius Rising or Moon signs could easily attract to themselves a business partner or new personal relationship during this 30-day transit.  Conversely, for the Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, they will find themselves able to and interested in reaching out to other people and partners, as the ruler of their chart will be crossing their 7th house.

Feb. 20 – Things heat up for Scorpios as their planetary ruler, MARS enters their sign, joining its enemy Saturn, which has been transiting there for some time.  Mars remains here until June 17.  Saturn doesn’t move until January 26, 2017.  These two planets represent the cross-purpose concepts of “hurry up, and slow down.”  Mars wants to get everything done YESTERDAY (or sooner), thus bringing much drive, energy, initiative and action into the energy field of Scorpios.  But Saturn wants a more moderate, deliberate pace.  Saturn brings detachment and delays, humility and hard work.  It is not to be trifled with! And certainly won’t let itself be pushed around by impatient Mars, which can sometimes cause an individual to act rashly…the very opposite of Saturn’s cautious nature.  Thus if  you have a Scorpio Moon or Ascendant, you may experience some internal push/pull or paradoxical forces operating within your psyche and your life until Mars moves on, March 1st.

We shall have some interesting changes to discuss next month, with a March 8/9 (depending on your time zone) total solar eclipse, and a partial lunar eclipse on March 23.  As if that were not enough excitement, Saturn goes retrograde on March 25!  Stay tuned.

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JUPITER is finally out of retrograde today! Jan. 30, 2013

January 30, 2013

JUPITER – great benefic planet that rules Sagittarius and Pisces, has been retrograde since 10/04/12, and just today went into Direct motion at 4:07 a.m. MST.

This change will of course highly benefit those ruled by Jupiter. My Sagittarius Ascendent and Moon friends have been especially hard hit with this 6th house transit which has been going on since 5/16/12.  Malefic Ketu was also traveling there with it until just recently, 1/14/13.  Jupiter moves into Gemini on 5/30/13, which will be a wonderful relief for Sagittarians. You can then look forward to a year of travel, and feeling closer to a partner.

It bears mentioning that it will take until the morning of April 25, 2013, for JUPITER to again reach the degree it was in, when it went retrograde last October.  Thus Sagittarians and Pisces folks may find they will get to (or have to!) revisit old issues or projects that got delayed then, and wrap them up or reach a sense of completion, at last.

VENUS – the other great benefic planet of the Vedic Sky, just moved into Capricorn on 1/28/13.  It joined Mercury and the Sun in this movable earth sign. The Sun owns Capricorn’s eighth house, so it can bring a feeling of vulnerability, but Mercury and Venus can make them feel more playful, alert and even focused on their considerable projects.

MARS – just moved from Capricorn into Aquarius on 1/25/13. Capricorns certainly would have been feeling the ENERGY and drive from Mars, exalted in their first house, but may have also felt restless, impatient, and prone to quick temper or anger, more than usual during this previous transit, so this move to the next sign, can feel like a relief and perhaps they will get more rest and feel calmer now.

Aquarians can benefit from the Mars energy now, perhaps feeling more initiative or a call to action, as Mars rules their 3rd and 10th houses.  Now is the time to act, rather than just continue to “think about it” or philosophize as Aquarians are sometimes want to do!

Librans, heads up! How’s that Rahu with exalted Saturn traveling through your first house of self, body, personality and direction of your life working out for you? Just checking.  I expect to hear from some of you any day now, wondering WHAT is going on!

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