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September Planets: MARS moves into Scorpio on 9/04/14

September 2, 2014

Time to check on the Vedic Astrology planet moves for September!

The biggest and best news from my perspective is that MARS, planet of action and ambition, moves away from its great enemy Saturn, out of the sign of Libra and into Scorpio. Mars owns this sign and will be much happier here.  This occurs on 9/04/14.  By the way, did you feel it when Saturn and Mars were in a recent “planetary war”? That means that they were within one degree of each other and it was just like rubbing two flintstones together to make sparks! That planet war lasted from approximately 8/24-8/28/14.

Scorpio Ascendants and Moon sign people will really feel so much more energized…and relieved as well, to find the ruler of your chart now out of your 12th house of isolation, loss and expenses. It should make a big difference in your daily life, goals and projects. This cycle begins for you when Mars moves on 9/04.

LIBRANS can rejoice! You are the ones who have taken the biggest beating for SO LONG…not enough to have that strong Saturn crossing your first house of self and body for 2.5 years (it remains there until Nov. 2nd this year), but first to have the malefic north node of the Moon, RAHU crossing with Saturn, and now since July 13th, Mars took the place of Rahu. Neither of these celestial “roommates” has made Saturn feel comfortable at all. We can see that on the world stage as well as in the lives of individuals. Thus I am looking for a little more “peace on Earth” once Mars moves away from Saturn.

Saturn rules the signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Therefore, having Mars move off of the ruler of your chart, will be a boon for you.  Saturn has been in its sign of exaltation for over two years, in good houses for both Capricorn and Aquarius, but you have not been able to enjoy the fullness of that transit, due to first the 18 months transit of RAHU with Saturn and since the lunar nodes moved, Mars mixing it up with Saturn. You may benefit most of all from the move of Mars into Scorpio.

VENUS (which governs the signs of Libra and Taurus) just moved into LEO on 8/31.  This represents a good house for both Libra and Taurus so should bring some blessings your way.  However, Venus will become “combust the Sun” (traveling to close to this fiery orb for comfort) on 9/16/14.  Due to its rate of motion and proximity to the Sun, it will remain in this condition until 12/04/14. During this time, you could feel just a little more edgy, testy, short-tempered, impatient and snappish than your usual calm and diplomatic selves (Libras and Taureans).

At least the Venus transit in Virgo should be pleasant for the Virgos, since it rules your 2nd house of wealth, and 9th house of good fortune!  It may bring some relief from having just Rahu sitting in your 1st house of self and body. The 9th house energy of your Venus can help you “be the right place, at the right time.”

9/16/14 – the SUN moves into Virgo for one month.  This is a friend’s sign and 2nd house for Leo Rising and Moon signs, so they will feel closer to some family members, and feel like communicating more. Plus it is a cash flow/money house so Leos should experience all of these areas getting more enlivened now.  For Virgos, the Sun owns your 12th house, so can bring a more inward focus on time alone for meditation or spiritual pursuits now, but watch the expenses and losses qualities the Sun may bring you as well.

9/20/14 – MERCURY moves into Libra, a friend’s sign.  This represents a good house for both Gemini and Virgo Rising and Moons signs, so that is a plus for you.  Librans will get mixed blessings, for Mercury rules your 9th house of good luck, good fortune, remedies, pilgrimage and Natural Law, so it brings you those qualities. However, it does also govern your 12th house of loss and expenses, isolation or seclusion. Since the 12th house is also a spiritual development house, Mercury here can bring you those yearnings for more growth or solitude for positive reasons now, Librans. Those of you lucky enough to have some foreign travel planned, Mercury can help bring that about too, if all the other factors in your personal chart allow that.

MERCURY will stay in this sign for a long time, all the way until 11/24/14, due to another Mercury Retrograde period coming up: 10/04-10/25/14. Okay, you have been warned about that one! LOL.

9/24/14 – Venus moves into Virgo, its sign of debilitation. It feels weaker in this sign, plus it will be transiting with malefic RAHU. For Librans this is your 12th house, so this is not as positive a time frame. You will need to watch out for losses and expenses, and for feeling isolated.  For Taureans, this is your 5th house of success, children and love affairs, so Venus here now can prove beneficial.  This changes on 10/18, when Venus moves into Libra.

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