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MARS and SATURN are both retrograde now, as of 3/01 and 3/02

March 3, 2014

MARCH Planet Report: We currently have THREE planets in retrograde motion or “the appearance of going backwards” which does not bode so well for the areas these planets govern in your own natal Vedic birth chart.  You can also page down to previous Blog posts of mine, in which I describe at length the effect of planetary retrograde periods.  Planets get stronger to deliver what they stand for, while in retrograde. Mars and Saturn are considered malefic, plus they are enemies to one another, so traveling through the same sign i..e “being conjunct” is not an easy situation on a big scale, much less in certain individual charts.

On March 1st at 9:24 a.m. MST, MARS went retrograde.

On March 2nd at 9:12 a.m. MST, SATURN went retrograde.

Both planets have been traveling through the air sign of Libra, also conjunct with malefic lunar north node RAHU.  This malefic “planetary pile up” has been none too comfortable for those with Libra Rising or Moon signs (and to a lesser degree, Sun signs), for quite some time.  Hang in there, Librans!

As I have mentioned before, MARS and SATURN are “great enemies” so it is like rubbing two rocks together to produce sparks when they are traveling through the same sign. The President will have his hands full during this cycle, as Saturn rules his chart. At least Saturn is in the highest dignity, being exalted, but he will feel “up to his neck in alligators” including dealing with certain “foreigners” (Rahu governs foreigners) as long as these conjunctions continue.  There is just some roughness to be expected when the three strongest malefic planets have to share the same sign!

Who else gets impacted by this planetary placement? SCORPIO Ascendants and Moon sign folks, that’s who. Here in Libra, the ruler of your chart is now passing through your 12th house of loss and expenses. This may also make you tend to feel isolated or conversely, prefer seclusion. You can expect the same results, once Mars returns to Libra on 7/13, after its sojourn back in Virgo for a few months.

MARS backs all the way up into VIRGO on 3/24 where it will stay until 7/13. That is a very long haul, indeed (it goes into Direct motion on 5/19).  VIRGO Ascendants and Moon sign people will not be as comfortable with this fiery malefic passing through an enemy’s sign here. Mars rules Virgo’s 8th house of vulnerability. You could feel very active, restless, ambitious, but just not “settled” or comfortable, and perhaps even a little accident-prone.  VIRGO is the sign of the perfectionist.  On a global level, groups governed by this sign may fight to “prove” they are “right”!  Just a reminder that it is better to choose to be happy over “being right”, Virgos!

Mars was already in this practical Earth sign of Virgo from 11/26/13 through 2/04/14.  Therefore, projects begun in that timeframe may need to be revisited, updated or revised, to achieve final completion.

JUPITER, a great benefic, has been retrograde since 11/06/13. It finally goes direct motion on 3/06/14 at 3:19 a.m. MST. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Those who have these as Rising Signs or Moon signs, will be pleased to experience some forward momentum once again.

Remember to set your clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday morning, March 9th! (for all States that observe same).

MERCURY enters Aquarius on 3/11, joined by Venus on 3/30/14. This is a friend’s sign to them both and those with the fixed air sign of Aquarius as Ascendants or Moon signs will enjoy the playfulness that these two planets will bring.

The Sun is in Aquarius until 3/14, when it moves into Pisces. This is the 8th house for Leos, the sign ruled by the Sun, so you could find yourself “going through changes” in the 30 day period beginning 3/14, as the 8th house represents transformation, vulnerability and sexuality.

APRIL will feature a total Lunar eclipse on 4/15 and an annular Solar eclipse on 4/29, so “watch this space” as we’ll discuss the impacts of these celestial events, next month.

When is the last time you treated yourself to a Vedic Astrology reading? It is only in the context of a personal reading that I can fully explain what all these planet movements mean for you now, and in the year ahead.

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