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The Planets of April in the Vedic Sky

April 15, 2015

First of all, I’d like to share an example of how the planets’ influence can work in our lives, even in small and practical ways. As you know, I try and get my blog written and sent out the very first of each month. Well….here it is mid-April, and I’m just getting a chance to get to it! For various reasons including travel, my time has just been totally absorbed with other things. I’d think about my blog and want very much to get to it, but there were always “hindrances.” Considering that the Sun rules my 2nd house of communication, and that its been transiting with malefic Ketu – which stands for hindrance and degradation! – from mid-March until just yesterday, now we see the explanation for this delay. Finally, with Sun now in Aries, I can write.  So that’s my planet story and I’m sticking to it. LOL.

4/04/15 – much ado was made about the “Blood Moon” lunar eclipse on this date. It was visible in North America so those of us living here would be affected by it. Some Jyotish pandits feel the effects last from 2 weeks before, until 2 weeks after, an eclipse. Some extend that period to be a month before, up to a month after. This eclipse occurred in the practical earth sign of Virgo, so those with Virgo Ascendants or Moon signs would have felt it the most. Rahu, the malefic north node of the moon which caused this eclipse, has been crossing Virgo since 7/13/14 anyway, causing a range of upheavals, transformation and unexpected events. We have to remember that eclipses are not auspicious events, in the Vedic Astrology system.

4/06/15 – Venus entered its own sign of Taurus, where it is strong and happy.  Those with Taurus Ascendants or Moon signs should be feeling especially good now, and yearning to be surrounded by affection, beauty, luxury and comforts.  Librans are also ruled by Venus, but having the ruler of their chart now crossing their 8th house is not as good, because it can increase the feelings of vulnerability and bring too many changes to deal with.  Depending on what house Taurus represents in your chart, will determine how good this transit may be for you. Having a personal chart reading with me, will let you see all those details.

4/08/15 – Benefic Jupiter got out of retrograde motion and went Direct again! This very positive planet has been crossing the sign of Cancer, where it is exalted and thus most powerful since 6/18/14 and it will remain there until 7/13/15.  When a benefic planet is retrograde, it makes it even more powerful, yet retrograde periods can still produce a period where things seem to be “going backwards.” Now Jupiter can happily march forward bringing good influences to many, and especially generous benefits to those of us with Cancer Rising or Moon signs.

4/09/15 – Mars went combust the Sun. When a planet is traveling too close to this fiery luminary, its qualities get “burnt” a bit. Aries and Scorpio are ruled by Mars so they are the ones who need to watch out the most for feelings of impatience, irritability or anger during this time. At least Mars is in Aries, its own sign, so it feels powerful now.

4/11/15 – Mercury entered the fire sign Aries, joining Mars there. It was a relief for Mercury and those ruled by it (Virgo and Gemini) to get out of Pisces, its sign of debilitation, and of course, to get away from tricky Ketu.  It is especially well-placed for the Geminis, in their 11th house of gain and income. For the Virgos among us, there will be some vulnerability or uncomfortable “changes” since Aries represents their 8th house.  It will move into Taurus later this month, on 4/26.

4/14/15 – The SUN entered its sign of Exaltation, Aries. Now we have a planet pile-up there, since Mars and Mercury are already in this fire sign.  Those ruled by the Sun (Leos) will feel more active and have greater success now.  Each year there is a 2.5 day period in which both the Sun and Moon are in their signs of Exaltation. There is one day designated as Akahaya Tritiya, “The Day of Lasting Achievement”, which I understand is 4/20 here in the USA this year (in India it will already be the next day 4/21). It’s a great time to begin something new.

4/22/15 – Mercury gets out of combustion with the Sun, so this is a relief for the Geminis and Virgos, and helps communication in general become more civil, polite and tactful.

4/26/15 – Mercury enters Taurus.  This connects Virgos with their 9th house of good fortune, so it’s a positive change for them. For the Geminis, this is their 12th house of isolation, loss and expenditure, so the best use of the time is to go inward and enjoy meditation, while watching your spending!

To understand how these planetary shifts affect your own life in 2015, please call me to schedule your personal reading.

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