2020 – Planet positions for January

December 29, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Let’s see what the Vedic Sky planets hold in store for each sign, as we begin 2020. We had the partial Solar eclipse on 12/26/19 (note that two plane crashes have occurred since then). Eclipses are NOT auspicious and usually give their results from two weeks before, to two weeks after they occur. The time between eclipses can be especially fraught, for some signs. Note that there will be a penumbral Lunar eclipse on January 10th. Note: Isn’t January a good time to book your yearly reading with me, to understand all the important planet influences for your personal year ahead?

January 1st, 2020 – The month and year begin with a planetary pile up of five planets in fire sign Sagittarius: The Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Ketu and Jupiter. Three of these planets are combust (running too close to the Sun for comfort): Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter. Although this compilation of energies are diverse and intense for those with Sagittarius Ascendants or Moon signs, we are trusting the ruler of their charts, benefic Jupiter to save the day, as his energy is the strongest of those planets there.  It is now in its own sign, so at a high “dignity” and able to do a lot of good, and will be in this sign until 11/20/20, except for a brief period in which it moves into the next sign Capricorn, from 3/29-6/29/20.  Then it retrogrades back until Sagittarius.

January 8th – VENUS moves into fixed air sign Aquarius. This helps lift our love connections to a more cerebral and visionary level. It is a wonderful transit for both planets ruled by Venus: Taurus and Libra. For those with Libra Rising or Moon signs, it emphasizes romantic possibilities and stirs their creative proclivities. For the Taureans, expect to be very busy with many activities and a heightened emphasis on career or “name and fame.”For the brainy Aquarians, Venus is their BEST planet. It should bring to those with this Rising or Moon sign, expanded luck, fortune, closeness with friends and family members, plus a softening of their usual intellectual focus to more feelings of love and affection. Hope the shock won’t be too much for you, my Aquarian friends! I know you well….

January 10th – Jupiter is now no longer combust the Sun, so those ruled by this great benefic, Sagittarians and Pisceans, should feel less stressed, tense or irritated now.

In addition: a FULL MOON partial Lunar eclipse occurs today. A total penumbral lunar eclipse is a lunar eclipse that occurs when the Moon becomes completely immersed in the penumbral cone of the Earth without touching the umbra. The path for the Moon to pass within the penumbra and outside the umbra is very narrow. This eclipse will only be visible in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia.  These areas in which it is visible will feel the most impact. The full degree of this Sun/Moon opposition occurs just a little before noon Mountain time, in the sign of Gemini.  The North Node of the Moon, Rahu, has been in this air sign since 3/23/19.  Rahu participates in this “hiding the Light” event, and those with Gemini Rising or Moon signs may feel more emotional or out of sorts today.

January 12th – MERCURY moves into Capricorn, its friend Saturn’s sign.  This occurs very late in the day Mountain time, which is the wee hours of January 13th for those in the Eastern and Central time zones. This is helpful for Mercury, who symbolizes communication, among other things, to get away from the many other planets in Sagittarius. This new position represents a good placement for the Virgos, ruled by Mercury, and can contribute to greater career success.  It is not as good for the other sign ruled by Mercury, which is Gemini. This placement represents their 8th house of transformation, battles and disunion, so there could be more feelings of vulnerability for our Gemini friends at this time.

January 14th – The Sun moves into Capricorn for a month’s journey today. This is an enemy’s sign for this bright Luminary. Also, this will be a 6th house transit for the Leos, by their ruler, the Sun. This is not supportive of fun and games for them, as the 6th house represents stress, anxiety, enemies, rivals, competitors, delays, various types of challenges, and service work. 

January 23rd – SATURN MOVES INTO CAPRICORN, its own sign.  TA-DA! Saturn only changes signs every 2.5 years. This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Well, it’s good news for many Ascendants and Moon sign charts.  Sagittarians will greatly appreciate the relief of having The Tester planet Saturn off of their first house of self and body.  Scorpios will be completely out of Sadhe Sati now (a 7.5 year transit which I don’t have time to explain now, but you can Google its meaning).  Capricorns benefit from having the ruler of their chart crossing their first house. Aquarians…not so much, as this represents their 12th house of loss and expenses, solitude or isolation. It can be a good time for their spiritual growth or spending time in an ashram, however.

January 30th – Saturn becomes non-combust the Sun, which benefits especially the Capricorns and Aquarians whose signs it governs. Also on this day:

Mercury enters Aquarius. This is a friend’s sign and positive house placement for both Geminis and Virgos, who are ruled by Mercury. The Geminis begin to feel luckier now and have more access to effective healing modalities. The Virgos become more interested in education, either learning or teaching, plus may feel closer to their children for this transit.

January 31st – Mercury now also gets out of combustion with the Sun. Please note how we had THREE planets in combustion with the Sun at the beginning of the month, and now at the end of this month, all three are free of that affliction. Which is good news for all!

New Year’s blessings to you, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  Your referrals are appreciated; thank you!  Services I offer include: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for someone, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes session, which you are welcomed to record.   http://www.vedicstarcharts.com Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer healingevents@yahoo.com


December 2019 Planet Transits

December 2, 2019

This year is coming to a close, with the month of December bringing many notable planet changes to keep our eyes on, including an annular solar eclipse. If you already know your Rising or Moon sign in Vedic Astrology, this free Blog report will be of the most value to your understanding.

There’s a “Planet Party” happening in fire sign Sagittarius, with these four planets all conjunct there: Jupiter, Venus, Ketu and Saturn. We did have FIVE planets there for 2.5 days, as the Moon had joined them late  11/27 – early morning of 11/30. Let the good times roll for our Sag friends! Basically having benefics Jupiter and Venus grace their sign now brings needed relief to the long siege of the harsh, close Ketu/Saturn conjunction of many months. It must feel like a balm has been applied where it’s needed…depending on which house this sign represents in your birth chart, that is the area of life in which you also, will feel the greatest relief.

12/04 – MERCURY enters Scorpio. This will help the sometimes secretive Scorpios become more talkative. As this is the Virgos’ 3rd house, and Mercury rules their charts, creative projects will increase, including writing, plus there should be greater vitality experienced now. The other sign Mercury rules is Gemini. This is a 6th house transit for them, so those with Gemini Ascendants or Moon signs may as well buckle down and have no resistance to doing service work. That’s the best use of this placement. Otherwise, they could feel obstacles, worry, stress, and perhaps some health problems, connected to the nerves or skin. Mercury stays in this sign until 12/25.

12/11 – FULL MOON in Taurus, its sign of Exaltation. The moment of total fullness will occur right as 10:15 p.m. MDT here in Colorado. That will be 12:15 a.m. on 12/12 for those on the East Coast. Taureans will be feeling full emotions, creativity and their social life should be lively right now. Cancerians, ruled by the Moon, will enjoy this one occurring in their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire. Enjoy!

12/13 – Jupiter becomes combust, i.e. traveling too close to the Sun, so its feathers get ruffled. Planets in combustion are not able to contribute the full range of their best qualities, having their wings “singed” as it were. Later this month we’ll see that two more planets become combust: Mercury on 12/15 and Saturn on 12/27.

12/15 – VENUS enters Capricorn, a friend’s sign. Great benefic Venus is actually the Yoga Karaka (best planet) for those with Capricorn Rising (those with this Moon sign benefit as well). They will be feeling more attractive, sensual and ready to play. Plus there may be success in worldly matters, as well as career and romance. Capricorn represents good houses for those ruled by Venus, the Taureans and Librans. So those with Taurus Rising or Moon signs, should feel a wonderful flow of Support of Nature, with Venus now traveling through their 9th (best) house. For the Librans, this is their 4th house of home, friends, vehicles, comforts….Venus finds a way to bring in some luxuries and blessings for those with Libra Rising or Moon signs now.

12/15 – As mentioned earlier, MERCURY goes combust the Sun today. This somewhat limiting, or at least irritating, condition does not lift until 1/31/20.

12/16 – The SUN enters Sagittarius. a friend’s sign. While Venus moved out of the “party house” the day before, once again there are four planets keeping company in this dual fire sign. Their interaction can cause some friction, as all are not friends. The Sun and Saturn in particular. As well as Ketu bringing an unfriendly “shadow” over the Sun, and actually causing an eclipse of this fiery orb later in the month. At any rate, it’s a house of success, children, learning abilities and romance for the Leos, ruled by the Sun. Sags benefit, too, with their 9th house ruler bringing more good luck and good fortune their way now.

12/25 – MERRY CHRISTMAS! Three planets shift this day. Both the Moon and Mercury enter Sagittarius, while MARS moves on into Scorpio, its own sign where it will help those with Scorpio Ascendants or Moon signs feel empowered, energetically invigorated and ambitious now. Aries is also ruled by Mars, so this represents their 8th house and is not as auspicious there for them. They may experience some vulnerability and “too many changes” as the 8th house is a place for Transformation, battles and disunion. So working on patience and trying not to be hasty in an attempt “to be seen” is advisable for our Aries friends now.

Mercury in Sagittarius is good news for both signs it rules, those with Gemini or Virgo Rising (or Moon signs). It is the 7th house of partners, business and travel for the Geminis, and the 4th house of friends, supporters, real estate, home, and vehicles for the Virgos. Matters in these arenas should flow more easily for them now.

12/26 – Annular Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, where there are now SIX planets stacked up! Yes, the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, the Moon, Saturn and Ketu. The latter is the South Node of the Moon and has no body. It is an Upagraha. Really it is a mathematical point of intersection between the paths of Sun, Moon and Earth, and like its other half (Rahu, the North Node) cause eclipses of the luminaries in our solar system, which are not considered auspicious events in Vedic Astrology. Here is the definition of an annular eclipse: an eclipse of the sun in which the moon does not cover the entire disc of the sun, so that a ring of sunlight surrounds the shadow of the moon. These are less powerful astrologically than a total eclipse. The other good news, for those of us in the USA, is that this one will not be visible here, but only in Asia, Saudi Arabia, India, Sumatra, Borneo, and Australia. It is the regions in which an eclipse is visible, that the effects are felt the most. Eclipse effects (the light briefly being “swallowed” by one of the nodes) can last from two weeks to a month.

12/27 – SATURN goes combust the Sun, and will remain in this condition until 1/30/20. Capricorns and Aquarians are ruled by Saturn and may feel the most effects: an underlying uneasiness or feeling easily aggravated, etc.

Please let me hear from you if you are wanting to see what the new year of 2020 has in store! It’s a great time to book a reading.

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November Planet Blessings

November 1, 2019

I’m delighted to present news of positive planet movements this month. The starring attraction is benefic Jupiter’s move into its own sign on November 4th, bringing much-needed relief to Sagittarians who have been struggling with the weight of the Saturn/Ketu conjunction, to nearly the same degree, for over six months. Of course we are contending with a Mercury Retrograde period from Oct. 31st to Nov. 20th.

Nov. 4th – Jupiter enters Sagittarius, its own sign, and this will be a blessing for those with Sagittarius Rising or Moon signs, after a full year of the ruler of their chart transiting their 12the house of loss, expenses and isolation. Please keep in mind that it will take until November 17, about 9:30 p.m. Mountain time, for Jupiter to be out of major Sandhi, or “the gap” – it needs to reach 2 degrees, 40 minutes of this sign to come into its full power. Congratulations, Sags, you’ve made it to the Promised Land now. Your inner and outer strength will increase, as well as a new-found belief in yourself. You will attract more friends and supporters and have better luck in real estate. Better luck in general, as a matter of fact, As Jupiter represents good judgment, happiness, intuition, good fortune, that whole bag of goodies will finally arrive at your doorstep, and be very well-received, I’m sure.

Nov. 5th – Mercury goes combust the Sun. This is one of those periods wherein Mercury’s journey a bit too close to the fiery orb means its wings get a bit singed. Those ruled by Mercury will feel it the most, Geminis and Virgos. But Mercury governs communication, commerce, diplomacy and tactfulness, so those arenas can all be affected now. This period lasts until Nov. 17th. Keep in mind it is also still in Retrograde status until Nov. 20th.

Nov. 7th – Mercury enters Libra, a friend’s sign, while it is retrograde, backing up out of Scorpio. Here’s an opportunity to complete matters that got started in its previous transit through Libra, but somehow may not have come to completion before. At least this sign represents good houses for both Gemini and Virgo, so here’s hoping it will be an easier retrograde time for you than some previous ones.

Nov. 10th – Mars goes into Libra, joining Mercury and the Sun there.  Librans should feel a wave of energy and ambition now, and it’s beneficial for finances and relationships, too. For those ruled by Mars, Aries and Scorpio…For the Aries Rising and Moon people, it opens relationship doors as well as travel potential, and a positive time for business. For the Scorpios, that is their 12th house of seclusion, foreign travel, loss, expenses and bed pleasures. Any of those arenas could be activated for those with Scorpio Ascendants or Moon signs now.

Nov. 12th – Full Moon in ARIES. This event occurs a little after 6:30 a.m. Mountain time. When the Moon is in this fire sign, it is a great time for new beginnings or new endeavors. There is so much Mars energy lending its dynamism to the feeling nature of the Moon. Not only will the Moon be in a sign of Mars, but Mars will also be aspecting (looking at) the Moon from seven signs away, in Libra. Just a little later that day, around 2:30 p.m. Mountain time, the Moon then enters its sign of Exaltation for 2.5 days, the earth sign Taurus.

Nov 16th – The Sun enters Scorpio, moving out of its debilitation sign of Libra, where it is at its weakest. This makes Scorpios feel even more active and motivated to get things done. The Sun rules their 10th house of action and career. For the Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, this 4th house transit for them may enhance connections with friends, enjoyment of the comforts of home, and interest in vehicles.

Nov. 17th – Mercury goes non-combust, which helps communication overall, and especially helpful for Geminis and Virgos (see above info on this).

Nov. 20th – a Double Header: MERCURY gets out of retrograde, going Direct motion…which alleviates snags in interpersonal communication and devices that deal with communication (so it is a better time to sign contracts finally), AND benefic VENUS moves into Sagittarius. close to midnight, Mountain time.  Now those with Sag Rising and Moon signs will have the benefit of TWO benefics crossing its sign, helping to counteract the malefics Saturn and Ketu, who remain there a while longer. This helps them to feel more outgoing, to a degree.

All the best, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  Your referrals are appreciated; thank you!  Services I offer include: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for someone, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes session, which you are welcomed to record.  http://www.vedicstarcharts.com Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer,  healingevents@yahoo.com




Ready for the Planet Shifts of October?

October 2, 2019

To cut to the punch, we have a Mercury Retrograde period coming in Oct. 31 to Nov. 20th. More on this below….

Oct. 3 – VENUS enters Libra, its own sign where it is happy and playful. Comparable to the feeling of fragrant flowers finally blossoming, Librans will feel more themselves, including feeling more attractive and expansive now. However Venus also owns their 8th house so can bring some vulnerabilities for them, as well. For Taurus Rising and Moon signs (also ruled by Venus), this transit is not as comfortable, as it is their 6th house of worries, stress, enemies, rivals and competitors. So it’s important for the Taureans to take care of themselves in nurturing ways, take time for meditation, and some relaxing “me time” now.

Oct. 13 – FULL MOON in Pisces, at close to 4:00 p.m. MDT. The Moon is isolated on right now, giving it a temporary Kemadruma Yoga, which is means feeling that no one understands us.  But Pisces is such a beautiful, giving, deep sign. Many “Rescuers” and healers have Pisces energy, either Rising, Moon or Sun. There may be some overflowing emotions now, including nostalgia, and reminiscences. Pisces is a sign that “holds onto” things and people…they don’t find letting go easy. Pisceans get good energy from this ruler of their 5th house of romance and success, as it crosses their sign in its state of fullness today.

Oct. 17 – SUN enters Libra. Today begins the Sun’s one month transit through its sign of Debilitation. While it may feel the weakest in this sign, there are many good characteristics to those born with Sun in this sign, including their love of peace, harmony, balance and fairness, as well as good manners, and hospitality. Those with Libra Rising or Moon signs benefit as the Sun brings 11th house energy of income and gain to them. Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, will feel creative and busy with many projects.  The Sun joins Mercury and Venus, already in Libra.

Oct. 22 – MARS gets out of combustion with the Sun. In fact, on this date there are no combust planets at all. Those ruled by Mars (Aries/Scorpio) will feel relief from recent tendencies to be impatient, restless and easily irritated or argumentative.  This will be a pleasant shift, as Mars has been traveling too close to the Sun for comfort, since July 11. Tempers should calm down all around now, in general.

Oct. 23 – MERCURY moves into Scorpio. This influence is a mixed blend for those with Scorpio Ascendants or Moon signs.  Conversation, curiosity and lively intellect should be on the forefront for Scorpions, though also some transformation and vulnerable feelings may arise due to Mercury’s 8th house rulership. It also owns their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire, so overall, a good transit for the Scorpio Rising and Moon sign people. For those ruled by Mercury, first Gemini – this is your 6th house, thus stress, worries or health issues may arise that need attention. For Virgos, this transit of their 3rd house brings out their creativity and brings courage to try new things.

Oct. 27 – VENUS shifts into Scorpio today. It joins its friend Mercury there, and benefic Jupiter, which has been there for some time.  Love and laughter rule the day for our Scorpio friends now!  These are three playful planets, so enjoy the party.  This placement is beneficial to both the Taureans and Librans, whose signs it rules. 

Oct. 31 – MERCURY RETROGRADE begins today, from its position in Scorpio.  As Mercury rules communication. diplomacy and commerce, it can throw a monkey wrench into some of these affairs in its three weeks in this condition.  We get the opportunity to revisit certain situations we either thought we had a handle on, or felt were settled already. But loose ends usually need to be worked out. We can run but we cannot hide, from our karma!  Stay cool, watch your words both in written and verbal form, and keep an eye out for dysfunctions with equipment related to communications. Every challenge is an opportunity to grow, after all. Right, people?  Focus on maintaining equanimity and balance now.

All the best, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  Your referrals are appreciated; thank you!  Services I offer include: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for someone, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes session, which you are welcomed to record.  http://www.vedicstarcharts.com Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer,  healingevents@yahoo.com


Sliding into September 2019 With the New Planet Transits

September 1, 2019

The seasons are changing and so are some key planetary players, whose energy affects all of our lives. Some of these shifts we are quite ready for, just as we welcome the advent of Autumn after a long, hot Summer.

9/09 – There’s been a real pile of planets in Leo in the past few weeks. Now these same planets begin leap-frogging into the next sign, Virgo. The first to make its move is benefic VENUS. Today marks that shift into its sign of Debilitation. It may be weakest there but it certainly should bring some monetary blessings and good fortune to those with Virgo Rising or Moon signs.  Venus rules the signs of Taurus and Libra. The Taureans benefit by this passage of Venus through their 5th house of education, success, romance, and children. Librans are not so lucky with this one, as it will be crossing their 12th house of losses, expenditure and isolation. Sorry about that Librans. You are normally so social and peace-loving, but this transit may bring some worries and feelings of loneliness. It lasts until 10/03.

9/10 – Speaking of Virgos: Lucky you, as the ruler of your chart, MERCURY today moves into this earth sign which it owns, strengthening your sense of self, your health and vitality. Intellect and reasoning abilities will increase for all now, but especially for the Virgos.  With both Venus and Mercury there, you should be feeling more playful as a result. Nice. Gemini is also ruled by this planet; those with Gemini Rising or Moon signs benefit now too, from greater connectedness with friends and supporters, and benefits from real estate. Enjoy!

9/13 – Full MOON  in AQUARIUS. Here in Boulder, CO in MDT, this occurs right at 10:30 p.m. If you are on the East Coast, it will occur at 12:30 a.m. on 9/14 your time.  For Cancerians, who are ruled by the Moon, this position represents their 8th house of Vulnerability and Transformation. The feelings associated with these qualities may be exacerbated during this full Moon, because during this transit the Moon is isolated, giving it a Kemadruma Yoga condition. At least the Moon will move into Pisces early the next morning and that will be an improvement for the Cancer Rising and Moon sign folks. At least that 8th house does stand for Knowledge of Past and Future, so increased inner knowledge or intuition is likely.

9/17 – The SUN enters VIRGO, joining Mercury and Venus there. This is the Virgos’ 12th house ruler, so there may be more introspection than normal and desire for seclusion, but not a chance of that happening, due to Mercury and Venus energy keeping affairs quite lively and active for them. For Leos, who are ruled by the planet, this placement represents their 2nd house of family, wealth and communication so it is a positive month now for them in these arenas.

9/18 – SATURN GOES DIRECT MOTION.  Here’s a change we’ve all been awaiting, to experience Saturn getting out of its many months of being Retrograde. While especially helpful for the Capricorns and Aquarians who are ruled by this planet, it will be significant for us all, as now Saturn can begin separating from its intensely close conjunction with Ketu, the malefic South Node of the Moon. Finally Saturn can march forward and out of the 1 to 2 degree range of “Travels with Ketu” in the fire sign Sagittarius, which it’s been in since 4/10.  By 10/13, it will be about 3 degrees apart and they get further apart each day. Cause for some celebration, though Saturn will not move into its own sign of Capricorn until 1/20/20. Let’s not forget that benefic Jupiter will swoop in and save the day with its positive influence on 11/04. That’s the brightest of positive changes for us all in the next few months, and of course will bring greater positivity to national and global affairs then, as well. Jupiter will remain in Sagittarius for a little over one year.

9/19 – VENUS becomes non-combust, meaning it has finally moved far enough away from the degree of the Sun’s transit, to be relieved of the fiery influence of that orb, and now be able to deliver more of its positive qualities (though it is still in its sign of debilitation).

9/21 – MERCURY now likewise gets out of its several weeks of being combust the Sun, so its many good qualities get enhanced, such as friendliness, tactfulness and diplomacy, intellect, and anything having to do with communication, or commerce.

9/24 – Hail, hail, the gang’s all here! Finally Mars moves out of Leo and into Virgo, so the “Gang of Four” have all moved into this earth sign to bring a cacophony of mixed energies and influence. It’s great that Virgos will feel more ambitious, energetic and driven now, but the other side of that coin can mean a bit of testiness, impatience, and irritability if not downright anger. It’s a good transit for Scorpios, representing their 11th house of gain and income. However, not such a good transit for the other sign ruled by Mars, Aries, as this is their 6th house of enemies, rivals, competitors, worries and health issues. At least it will increase their sense of competition, so if you know any Aries coaches or athletes, they will be consumed by “winning” now. We could include Aries Moon and Rising sign businessmen and women in that influence as well. 

9/29 – Mercury enters LIBRA today. This is still a positive transit for the Virgos, representing their 2nd house, so enlivens financial matters in a positive manner. It’s a mixed influence for the Librans, bringing some good luck, including the feeling of being the right place at the right time, but also still a bit of isolation, as Venus is their 12th house ruler. Still, that should be an improvement over having the “Gang of Four” traveling through their 12 house of loss and expenses.  Geminis benefit from this 5th house transit of their ruler, as it helps lighten up their mood and bring communication more to the forefront.

As usual, please keep in mind that in this short Blog, I can only lightly touch on the effects of each transit. To fully understand how these shifts will affect you, please call me for a reading.

All the best, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  Your referrals are appreciated; thank you!  Services I offer include: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for someone, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes session, which you are welcomed to record.  http://www.vedicstarcharts.com Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer,  healingevents@yahoo.com 

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August Planet Blog. Mercury Direct Now

August 1, 2019

Greetings, Star Followers! What a relief August should be, after the intense planet dance of July. Mercury just got out of Retrograde, the night of July 31st. Are you noticing that communications have improved already?

August 2 – PLANET PILE UP IN CANCER.  This movable water sign has been hosting Mars, the Sun and Venus. Now MERCURY moves in to join the party.  Mercury had briefly backed up into its own sign of Gemini for a couple of days, while it was still in retrograde motion. It was there about 48 hours, from late July 30 and moves to Cancer in the evening of August 2.  The planets crossing the sensitive sign of Cancer are doing mostly good things, from increasing financial gain to adding to the love of beauty, music and the arts, and possibly bringing in some romance, to increased communication, conversation and writing skills.

The signs ruled by Mercury are Gemini and Virgo. Both benefit from this transit, as it increases income for those with Virgo Ascendants and Moon signs, while increasing the Geminis’ already ample talents of connecting with others through conversation.  Very nice. Enjoy, Mercury-ruled friends!

August 8 – MARS moves out of its sign of Debilitation into Leo, which is a friend’s sign for this energetic planet.  Leos benefit now from more drive, ambition and courage (just need to watch out for hasty actions, impatience or some irritability). Cancers benefit to have less “heat” going on in their 1st house of self, body and personality. Mars is actually their BEST planet (as it is for the Leos), so they will enjoy benefits that can show up now in the form of funds that can be banked.  Aries and Scorpios are ruled by Mars. This transit is beneficial for both of these signs and those with either sign as their natal Rising or Moon signs, will enjoy the following: For Aries, this transit stimulates their desire to learn, teach, have success in speculative matters, or romance. For Scorpios, this is their 10th house of action, career, name and fame. Mars helps blast through obstacles here, and the Scorpios can go full steam ahead. Which they like, of course.

August 11 – JUPITER GOES DIRECT!! This is great news, as finally this benefic planet gets out of retrograde motion, where it has been since April 10, 2019.  Both Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter, so those with this Rising or Moon sign, will benefit and start to feel some happy progress in their goals and plans, which may have been bogged down for the past four months. Yea, team!  Jupiter has been traveling through the friendly sign of Scorpio for some time, and it will continue to bring blessings to those with this water sign Rising or Moon sign until it moves into its own sign of Sagittarius on November 4th.

August 15 – FULL MOON in Capricorn. This full moon occurs in the late degrees of this earth sign, just a little before 7:00 a.m. MDT, and then it moves into the next sign, Aquarius, just a little before 10:00 a.m. MDT. The brightness of the full Moon’s rays, with Capricorn behind it in the zodiac, displaying the qualities of practicality, and an earthy stability that is comforting to emotional Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. It is the 7th house for Cancerians, highlighting travel and partners.  

August 16 – VENUS enters LEO. Those with Leo Rising or Moon signs, will continue to feel quite energized, since Venus rules their 3rd house of vitality and their 10th house of action and career. There’s nearly no stopping them now, and it’s a great time to enjoy some artistic pursuits, including photography.  The mix of Mars and Venus can serve to make Leos feel sexy, attractive and magnetic now.

August 17 – The SUN enters Leo, its own sign.  It joins its friend Mars there, plus Venus, but both of them will be Combust (traveling too close for comfort) the Sun. Mars plus Sun in Leo brings an excess of Pitta Dosha (for those of you who follow Ayurveda), i.e. too much heat. Beware the Leo temper, those of you who have to be around them now! Best for them to channel their strong leadership energy into projects at this time. They will feel strong and empowered, and more like themselves with the ruler of their charts sitting right there, if they can keep that Pitta “heat” under control (and possibly a tendency to be a bit “bossy” now!)

August 20 – Mercury goes Combust the Sun. This condition lasts until September 21. It causes the qualities of Mercury to be overshadowed. This shows up as lack of clarity in communications and affects communication devices, too (not as much as Mercury Retrograde does, though), less tactfulness and diplomacy when dealing with others and misunderstandings in the arena of commerce are possible.

August 25 – Mercury enters Leo, joining the Sun, Mars and Venus in this fire sign. Thus we see that the same party of planets that were earlier in the sign of Cancer, have now all moved onto Leo. This is primarily good news for those with Leo Rising and Moon signs. They will feel outgoing, more social,  and enjoy all the attention they will be receiving. 

Please don’t feel left out, Capricorns and Aquarians! Your day will come. Here’s a preview of a positive change: Saturn goes Direct motion, getting out of its long period of being Retrograde on September 18th. You know by now that the ruler of your chart is the slowest moving planet, don’t you?

As usual, please keep in mind that in this short Blog, I can only lightly touch on the effects of each transit. To fully understand how these shifts will affect you, please call me for a reading.

All the best, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  Your referrals are appreciated; thank you!  Services I offer include: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for someone, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes session, which you are welcomed to record.  http://www.vedicstarcharts.com Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer,  healingevents@yahoo.com 





Vedic Astrology: The Eclipses of JULY, 2019

July 3, 2019

July 2019  features some significant planetary action to report. (And yes, I’m late in posting this; chalk it up to my move on 6/30!)  Can you handle TWO eclipses, THREE retrograde planets and THREE planets combust (too close to) the Sun, all in the same month? If so, read away. And hey, “I don’t make the rules; I just work here.” Reporting what’s up so everyone can be prepared.

July 2nd featured the total SOLAR ECLIPSE. It was visible only in the South Pacific and parts of South America, mainly Chile and Argentina. Even though people here in the West run to catch a view of eclipses,  in Vedic Astrology, they are considered inauspicious. They symbolize one of the demon/Rakshasa nodes of the Moon (either Rahu or Ketu) trying to “swallow” and put out the Light and life of one of the luminaries, the Sun or Moon. This time it was Rahu (north node of the Moon), trying to swallow the SUN. But since the luminaries are immortal, they escape that grip. Generally effects are worse where an eclipse is visible. In ancient cultures they found that these celestial messengers, including comets and meteors, would symbolize war, the death of a beloved leader, or earth changes. Citizens were advised not to look at an eclipse, not to eat during one, nor to let their bodies be within the rays of the eclipsed Orb. According to Indian Vedic Astrologers I have worked with, the effects of an eclipse last from two weeks before to two weeks after. Some even say from one month before to one month after! Those who would feel the most impact from this eclipse are those with Leo Rising or Moon signs, as the Sun rules their charts. This occurred in the sign of Gemini, thus those with this Ascendant or Moon sign could have also experienced some low energy.

July 7th – MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE. Oh yes, here we go again. And it lasts until July 31st. Mercury is currently transiting water sign Cancer, along with Mars (which is in its sign of debilitation). For those ruled by Mercury, the Geminis and Virgos, at least this represent good house placements for them. Once again, everyone needs to bring to mind the need to be tactful and have diplomacy. But with fiery Mars conjunct the planet that represents communication, that will be a lot to overcome.  Be careful with all communication devices, or you could end up sending a text or email to an unintended person! The Mercurial natural sense of logic may be influenced by emotions now, due to going through the sign of Cancer. When a planet is retrograde the energy turns inward, more self reflective, or internalized. Saturn and Jupiter already have been retrograde for some time now. Problems and aggravations seem to be enhanced during these cycles. During these retrograde periods, we often have an opportunity to revisit and rework matters we thought we’d already completed or had a handle on. I guess a positive way to look at it is that retrogrades bring second chances.

July 8th – Benefic VENUS, currently in the sign of Gemini, along with Rahu and the Sun, now goes Combust, i.e. traveling too close to the Sun. This reduces its ability to be at its best in terms of generating the usual Venusian qualities that bless our lives: luxury, comforts, affection, pleasures and desires, as well as social behavior. Passion can still be there, with that Rahu conjunction, but be wary of making decisions in haste regarding relationships at this time.  This combustion lasts until September 19th, which is a long time for Venus to be so affected. 

July 11th – MARS goes combust.  Tempers may flare, and as this planet represents the action priniciple,  deeds can be “done in haste” and repented later. Better to attempt to maintain equanimity despite such challenging planetary events this month, if possible. Stay cool, both physically and emotionally. A nice cool dip in the pool, or iced beverage may be just the thing to chill out some now.  Of course, if you have a beach trip planned, these various planet combination are apt to open the door to hurricanes or tropical storms, so stay on top of the weather reports, before you travel.  This Mars combust status lasts until August 8th. And of course Mars is currently sitting in Cancer, its sign of debilitation. It is just not at its best this month.

July 13th – MERCURY becomes the third planet this month in Combust status.  Ruling speech as it does, words may be said that one later regrets, added to the Mars-influenced actions mentioned above.  The Mercury combustion lasts until July 29th.

July 16th – SUN enters Cancer, joining Mars and Mercury there, and adding to the “heat” those with Cancer Rising or Moon signs are already feeling. At least it may be good for finances as the Sun rules the second house of wealth for Cancerians. That’s something.

July 16-17 – A partial LUNAR ECLIPSE occurs. MDT this will occur from 12:43 to 6:17 p.m.  However, we are fortunate not to have it visible here. Areas of visibility will be: Australia, S. America, most of Europe and Asia.  There will be some slight partial visibility in the very southern tip of Florida and uppermost eastern New England. The Moon represents mind and emotions, so when the light is “put out” for that brief time, those arenas get affected. It is a good time to dive deeply into some spiritual insights and reset one’s compass, if the need for that becomes apparent during one’s time of reflection.

July 23 – VENUS enters Cancer, stirring up romantic and affectionate feelings within those with this Rising or Moon sign.  Especially considered that Mars is already sitting there. This type of conjunction usually brings in romance!  The desire for comforts and luxuries may also increase for those born under this domestic, compassionate sign.

July 29th – Mercury becomes non-combust (see above).

July 30th – Mercury retrogrades all the way back into the previous sign, Gemini, which is its own sign, and it is comfortable there. This will assist the Gemini Rising and Moon sign people to gain some mental clarity, which Rahu traveling there has muddied to some degree. 

July 31st – MERCURY GOES DIRECT MOTION. And on that cheery note ends the month of three combustions, three retrograde planets and two eclipses!  Communications and commerce can now roll forward with greater ease and success. Plus the Geminis and Virgos will feel more like themselves now.

All the best, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  Your referrals are appreciated; thank you!  Services I offer include: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for someone, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes session, which you are welcomed to record.  Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, http://www.vedicstarcharts.com 720-448-3742 healingevents@yahoo.com


Blog Report on the Intense Planet Transits of June

June 2, 2019

Let’s review what’s been going on in the heavens, as some intense conjunctions continue and more are being added to the mix right now.

Since March 23rd, malefic Ketu, South Node of the Moon, has been traveling with Saturn through the dual fire sign Sagittarius. In recent days they are conjunct within one to two degrees of each other, and this degree of closeness, and the energetic tension this causes will continue into October. Those of you who are Sagittarius Rising or Moon signs, would be especially feeling this restrictive energy. It’s like being in a box canyon…Saturn representing delays, obstacles, slow progress, separation, hard work, responsibility, grief and depression. Ketu represents hindrance and degradation. Get the picture now? Not only that, but Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, is transiting their 12th house of loss, expenses and isolation. This Saturn/Ketu conjunction is challenging for the other Rising and Moon signs as well, it just depends on what house this sign represents in your own chart, as to which arena of life is most affected. Not until November 4th, does benefic Jupiter move into this sign, which it owns, to really bring back some joy, expansion and good fortune, with its uplifting and powerful influence. Hang in there, folks! At this time, Jupiter is retrograde in the sign of Scorpio, so at least the Scorpio folks are getting some benefits from its benefic energies.

Note to Capricorns: I haven’t forgotten about you! The above transit has been extremely challenging for you, with the ruler of your chart, Saturn, transiting your 12th house of loss and expenses (plus it rules your 2nd house of wealth, compounding the situation), and being conjunct Ketu, well….the best thing to do is to continue going within, meditating regularly and applying all your spiritual tools and techniques, to weather this particular storm. P. S. Oh yeah, Saturn is still retrograde too.

Across the zodiac, in dual air sign Gemini, there is a tightening conjunction between malefic Rahu, North Node of the Moon and Mars, which joined Rahu there on May 6.  Rahu and Mars, both considered malefic planets, will be at the EXACT SAME DEGREE on June 12th, facing off against malefics Ketu and Saturn, in such a tight conjunction. Looking at each other is called “aspecting” and this four-way malefic showdown does not bode well on any front, from individual to national to global.  Some have predicted the potential outbreak of war or social unrest, terrorism and the like.  Let’s just say that some people will be feeling more volatile than normal. Not understanding the pressure of planetary influences that are the cause of this, they may blame those in the environment around them and act out in surprising and rough ways. Best to stay alert, keep a low profile and make up our minds to “take nothing personally” right now.

June 1st – Mercury moved into Gemini, its own sign. This strengthens the health and intellectual clarity of those with Gemini Rising and Moon signs, which is very helpful, considering the Mars/Rahu influence already present in your sign. Mars means you’ll need to guard for irritability and outbursts of temper, made more dramatic by Rahu, who seizes and lets go, causing mood swings, among other things. He makes you have to deal with both inner and outer chaos and confusion during his transit.  Mercury remains in Gemini until June 20th.

June 2nd – Mercury is now out of combustion with the Sun. This is a boon for both Gemini and Virgo Rising and Moon sign folks, as well as bringing overall relief to communications in general.

June 3rd – VENUS moves into its own sign, Taurus, late this night, bringing a refreshing wave of comfort, ease and luxury to those with this Rising or Moon sign. Your sense of esthetic beauty will be enhanced now, and you may bring more art or music into your environment. It’s a time to flourish. This is not a comfortable placement for the Librans, however, who Venus also rules, as this is their 8th house of vulnerability, transformation, battles and disunion. Something may be nagging at the Libra sense of balance and fair play, which they might not yet be able to sort out or even put their finger on. Venus remains here until June 28th.

June 15th – SUN moves into Gemini, joining Mercury, Mars and Rahu here. The Sun helps the Geminis with added energy and vitality.  The Sun is just not so comfortable with malefic Rahu there. For malefic Rahu likes to try and swallow the Sun, and put out its light. Which will occur actually on July 2nd when a total solar eclipse takes place. More on that, next month. Sun in Gemini represents an 11th house transit for Leos, who are ruled by the Sun. This enhances their ability to pull in income, gain and fulfillment of desires now. Except for pesky Rahu!

June 17th – Full Moon in Sagittarius. The Moon rules sensitive water sign, Cancer. This placement occurring in their 6th house of obstacles, health issues, worry, stress, enemies, rivals and competitors, is not such a comfortable placement. Here it will be conjunct with Ketu and Saturn, adding to some anxiety or tension, but perhaps increased intuition and more stoicism. 

June 20th – Mercury enters Cancer. This represents positive houses for both Geminis and Virgos, including better cash flow and income now. Cancerians may feel more talkative yet have some unwanted expenses, as Mercury represents their 12th house ruler.

June 22nd – MARS moves into Cancer. Well, that’s a relief! To get it moved away from Rahu, at last. Mars is debilitated in this sign, yet is the best planet (Yogakaraka) for Cancerians. They will experience, therefore, mixed blessings now. Those with Cancer Rising or Moon signs may feel more energy and be active with some career success flowing, yet have to beware of impatience or quarrelsomeness at this time.

June 28 – VENUS enters Gemini. Here it joins Rahu and the Sun. Geminis may be feeling more passionate and affectionate now.   Which is a big relief from the turmoil caused by the recent Rahu/Mars conjunction in their sign.  This sign represents positive house placements for both Librans and Taureans so they will enjoy this transit, which lasts until July 23.

I wish I could say that in July things will slow down and smooth out, but oh no, it will be possibly even MORE intense, so keep those seat belts fastened and stay tuned for next month’s blog report!  Just to give you a little taste of what’s to come: THREE retrograde planets, including Mercury. THREE planets combust the Sun, and two eclipses. Yowzah.

As usual, I GREATLY appreciate your referrals.

Wishing you all success, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  I offer many services such as: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for a family member or dear one, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes, recorded session.  Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, 720-448-3742  healingevents@yahoo.com    http://www.vedicstarcharts.com


The Vedic Sky Planets in the Merry Month of May

May 3, 2019

Time for another edition of WatchYourStars. How are ya’ll enjoying that Saturn retrograde action, conjunct with malefic Ketu (south node of the Moon)? I didn’t think so. Well, now they are traveling neck in neck, within one degree of each other and this will continue well into October. This is occurring in the sign of Sagittarius. Sorry, Sags, it’s not the easiest time for you. “Let’s talk.” To understand what that means for YOU, just call and book a reading with me. Happy to help. Knowledge has liberating power!

May 3, 2019 – MERCURY has entered Aries, joining the Moon there and the Exalted Sun. There will be more quickness of the intellect now that Mercury is out of its debilitation sign, bringing clearer communications as well.  This 11th house transit for those with Gemini Rising brings gain, income, fulfillment of desire and more friends and supporters. For the Virgos, it is now in their 8th house, bringing some changes and perhaps your Virgo friends may not be feeling up to par now. It’s a good time for some career changes for Virgos though, or work transformations.

May 4, 2019 – The New Moon in Aries, will be an excellent time for new beginnings, as that is one of the hallmarks of this fire sign, the first sign of the Zodiac.  May 7th is the Day of Lasting Achievement, when both Sun and Moon will be exalted (the latter will be in Taurus by then), so if you have something new to begin, choose that day.

May 6, 2019 – MARS enters Gemini. Here it joins RAHU, the north node of the Moon, which is a malefic known to bring much chaos, calamity and confusion. These two powerful forces may create havoc on a grand scale now.  This conjunction actually continues until June 22, when Mars moves into its debilitation sign, Cancer (more on that next month).  Others have written that the period of June 8-15 could be a flashpoint for war, or a terrorist event, social uprising or severe weather, with the date of their total conjunction to the same degree being June 12th. Remember – the purpose of Vedic Astrology is “to avert the danger before it arises” – so it will be a period to be vigilant and to watch for being too quick-tempered and irritable, especially if you have Gemini Rising, Moon or Sun signs.

May 8, 2019 – Mercury becomes combust the Sun. Patience will be less now. Virgos and Geminis especially have to watch for this effect that impinges on their naturally good diplomacy and tactfulness. Try to be more understanding with your fellow human now. This condition lasts until June 2nd.

May 10, 2019 – VENUS enters Aries. This attracts both partners and money to those with Aries Rising or Moon signs, and makes them feel very attractive and affectionate. This placement lasts until June 3rd. For those with Libra Rising or Moon signs (which Venus rules), it is also a good transit in their 7th house, making them feel like extending themselves to a partner, or having more business success, and possible travel. It could bring foreign travel to those with Taurus Moon or Rising signs (as Venus is also the ruler of their charts, now transiting their 12th house) but there might be too much spending, loss or a desire for solitude now. A good time for more spiritual development, in any case.

May 14, 2019 – The SUN enters Taurus, at the very end of the day, MDT.  This is good for the Leos (ruled by the Sun) as it represents their house of action, career, name and fame, reputation. They will bask in attention received now, and their usual leadership qualities should be strong. This transit brings more feelings of personal power to the Taureans and friends will be supportive.

May 18 – FULL MOON in Scorpio. Also, MERCURY enters Taurus today, joining the Sun there. The latter adds a good planetary influence for commerce to go well; business in general may flourish now. For the Geminis, this is a 12th house transit so more expenses, losses or feelings of isolation. But for the Virgos, they will enjoy the ruler of their charts now crossing their best house – the 9th house of good luck, good fortune, dharma, pilgrimage, remedies and higher education. 

Though the Moon is debilitated in the sign of Scorpio, this is a good transit for those ruled by the Moon, the sign of Cancer, representing their 5th house of education, children, success, inclinations of the mind and romance. Scorpios benefit as well, as the Moon governs their 9th house and brings all those nice qualities (described in the above paragraph) for them to enjoy now. It’s a brief, but powerful influence.

Very happy to share with you that I was recently honored with a recognition from http://www.thespiritedwoman.com, being recognized as one of the 12 “Spirited Women of Spring”! Spirited Woman icon

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Full Moon with purple tint




April 2019 Planet Transits in Vedic Astrology

April 2, 2019

Another month of exciting planet changes! Thank you for sharing this post with your interested friends who may enjoy having a reading with me, to understand fully what all these changes mean to them…or you!

We will experience two of the slower moving planets go into retrograde motion, as well as one planet enter its sign of debilitation, while two others enter their signs of exaltation.

JUPITER – great benefic planet, who briefly entered its own sign of Sagittarius on 3/29/19 joining Ketu and Saturn there to infuse some positive energy into the situation, goes RETROGRADE on 4/10/19….it will backtrack into the previous sign of Scorpio on 4/29/19. When a benefic is in retrograde motion, its beneficial powers get even stronger (the opposite is true with a malefic planet). Jupiter is happy in Scorpio, a friend’s sign, where it brings its usual characteristics of good luck, happiness, wisdom, knowledge, intuition to those with Scorpio Rising or Moon signs.  It is the Sagittarians who may not enjoy this transit of their 12th house of isolation, losses and expenses so much. For Pisces, also ruled by Jupiter, it will be fine, as Scorpio represents their 9th house of good luck, good fortune, remedies, pilgrimage, natural law and higher education.  Jupiter will stay in Scorpio from 4/29 to 11/04/19. The implications require a discussion longer than the space this blog has to provide it, thus a personal reading is recommended.

4/11/19 – MERCURY enters Pisces, joining its friend, the Sun, there.  Mercury represents all forms of communication, commerce, tact and diplomacy, as well as curiosity, friendships and playfulness. These areas may be under some strain in general. At least this sign does represent good houses for Virgos and Geminis, who are ruled by Mercury. The Virgos feel more connected to the 7th house of business and partners now, while this is the 10th house of career and action for Geminis.

4/14/19 The SUN moves into ARIES, its sign of Exaltation. This is beneficial for both the Aries and Leo Ascendants and Moon sign people. This transit connects Leos to their 9th house of good luck, good fortune, dharma, destiny, pilgrimage and Natural Law. They will feel like doors are opening and they are landing on their feet. For the Aries individuals, this transit represents their 5th house ruler crossing their first house of self and body, bringing to them success, an increased desire to learn, and brilliant leadership abilities.

4/15/19 VENUS enters PISCES, its sign of Exaltation. This is that exciting time of year wherein several planets become exalted, first the Sun and Venus and in early May, the Moon will join them. In fact, if you are looking for an excellent time to start a new venture, the morning of May 7th would be superb, with all three of these planets exalted then.  Contact me for the perfect start time of your project.  Pisces Rising and Moon sign people will be bursting with creative energy and feeling sexy and attractive as well.  Taureans will enjoy having the ruler of their chart now going through their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire, stimulating those desirable areas of life now. However, for the Librans, this represents their 6th house, which is not as good, as it may increase worries, stress and having to deal with “enemies, rivals or competitors.” This could even come in the form of legal issues to resolve.

4/19/19 Full Moon in LIBRA. The time of maximum fullness will be right around 5:00 a.m. Mountain Daylight time. Enjoy the emphasis on peace, harmony and balance that this full should bring. Libra Ascendants and Moon signs should especially enjoy the energy they will be feeling now, and fullness of emotions.

4/22/19 JUPITER retreats back into Scorpio, due to its retrograde motion (see third paragraph above for full explanation).  Jupiter does not return to direct motion until August 11th.

4/29/19 SATURN goes retrograde.  This begins a powerful journey for our slowest-moving planet, traveling backwards with malefic south node of the Moon, Ketu (whose normal direction is retrograde) for the next six months. They will, in fact, be as close as just one or two degrees apart for the duration of this period, which is extremely unusual. For anyone who requests it, I can email you a five-page report on this influence. Please feel free to contact me.

All the best, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Boulder, CO.  Tel: 720-448-3742.  Thank you for referrals you send me.  I offer many services such as: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for a family member or dear one, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes, recorded session.  Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, 720-448-3742 healingevents@yahoo.com    http://www.vedicstarcharts.com