May 2023 Vedic Astrology Planet Transits

May 2, 2023

Greetings, Friends, and happy May Day to you! Let’s see what the planets will be up to this month.

May 2 – VENUS enters Gemini, a friend’s sign. This will bring more financial blessings to those with Taurus Rising or Moon signs, as this is their 2nd house of wealth, family and communication. Venus also rules Libras as well as Taureans. This shift to Gemini is a plus for those with Libra Rising or Moon signs, as this represents the 9th house of good luck and good fortune for Librans.

May 5 – 6th – Overnight this Full Moon in Libra will experience a Penumbral (partial) lunar eclipse. We are fortunate that it will not be visible in North America, since eclipses are not auspicious to view or be out in. Regions seeing, at least, some parts of the eclipse: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Antarctica. A good website to track the path of this eclipse is https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2023-may-5

May 9 – Mercury gets out of combustion. This is good for those ruled by Mercury, Virgo and Gemini. It will also be good for communication in general for everyone.

May 10 – MARS enters the sign of Cancer, and will stay there until June 30th. Whereas this is the sign of Debilitation for Mars, it is nonetheless the best planet for those with Cancer Rising or Moon signs and should bring success and energy to them. Mars rules Scorpio and Aries Rising and Moon signs. Scorpios will benefit from having the ruler of their charts transit their best house (9th) of good luck and good fortune. For Aries, this is their 4th house of home and real estate, as well as friends, so there will be enjoyable times for the Aries folks, too.

May 14 – MERCURY goes Direct, and how nice for it to get out of Retrograde status. Now the Virgo and Gemini goals and projects can move ahead more easily. Communication improves across the board, as well as greater tactfulness and diplomacy.

May 15 – the SUN moves into Taurus. This will be a big benefit for those with Taurus Rising or Moon signs, bringing more interaction with friends, as the Sun is their 4th house ruler. They will experience greater self confidence as well. Leos are ruled by the Sun and will enjoy feeling more outgoing with the Sun crossing their 10th house of power, career and action now.

May 30 – Venus moves into the water sign Cancer. Taureans will feel quite creative now. It is their 3rd house of self efforts, vitality and projects. For Librans, also ruled by Venus, this is their 10th house of action, career, name and fame. They will feel quite active in this period. It will stay in this sign until July 6th. Enjoy!

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