April 2023 Planet Transits – Vedic Astrology

April 3, 2023

Greetings, Friends. This is a total Solar Eclipse month, which occurs on April 20th. More on those effects below. There’s also another Mercury Retrograde period starting April 21st. Time to swing into Spring with a look at what planet changes to expect this month.

April 5th, at the end of the day, Mountain Time, Venus moves into Taurus. How happy it will be, in its own sign there, and away from Rahu which was with it in the previous transit of Aries. Those with Taurus Ascendants or Moon signs will feel strengthened and attractive. Their creativity and love of beauty will be enhanced now. For Librans, also ruled by Venus, this transit represents their 8th house, so there will be many “transformations” to deal with. Some will be positive, of course, but when too many changes hit a person all at the same time or in close proximity, it can be rather tiring. This transit lasts until May 2nd.

April 5th – there is also a Full Moon in Virgo today. This helps the mind to gravitate towards practical, logical solutions. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon. This is a 3rd house Transit for those with Cancer Rising or Moon signs, so creativity and working on many projects will be enhanced. Virgos may see an increase in income and do well in dealing with the public.

April 14 – The Sun enters the fire sign Aries for its one month journey there. It is Exalted in this sign, strengthening the energies that Leos will enjoy, since the Sun rules their sign. Aries Ascendants and Moon sign folks will also enjoy this burst of energy and leadership abilities now.

April 20 – The total Solar eclipse occurs in the sign of Aries, where the Sun is conjunct with the North Node of the Moon, Rahu, which seizes and lets go….it likes to try and “swallow the Sun” (or Moon at other times) so is basically up to no good here. Please remember that it is not auspicious to be out in the eclipsed light of either Sun or Moon (whenever there’s a lunar eclipse). The good news here is that this eclipse will not be visible in North America. Places where it will be visible: SE Asia, the Pacific, Australia, the Indian Ocean, Antarctica. Still, Leo Rising and Moon sign people may not be feeling fully themselves this day.

April 21 – MERCURY RETROGRADE strikes again! Be cautious with your interpersonal communications. Try to maintain as much diplomacy and patience as possible when inevitable misunderstandings surface. It’s nobody’s fault…we’ll just “blame Mercury” which rules communication. This retrograde period lasts until May 14th. It effects everyone, but especially the two signs ruled by Mercury, Virgo and Gemini.

April 21 – JUPITER enters Aries, a friend’s sign. Here it will be conjunct malefic Rahu, so perhaps it won’t be having as much fun as when it was in the previous sign of Pisces, which it owns, but there can be some exciting times for those ruled by this great benefic, Sagittarians and Pisceans. The Pisces Rising and Moon sign people will feel closer to family and be more expressive, as this sign is their 2nd house. It may improve cash flow, too. For the Sagittarians, this is their 5th house of success, education, romance and children. Any of these areas may flourish now, as well as the desire to learn new things.

April 23 – Mercury gets out of combustion with the Sun. That brings relief to Virgos and Geminis especially, and helps to improve communication overall. When a planet is traveling too close to the Sun, it becomes irritated and angry, so is not able to deliver its best qualities. You should feel a nice, spontaneous improvement now in the Mercury qualities of diplomacy, tactfulness and communication.

April 26 – Jupiter’s turn to get out of combustion with the Sun! All the generous qualities Jupiter brings to the table can now be more fully felt: good judgment, wisdom, good fortune, guidance, expansion. Sagittarius and Pisces are ruled by Jupiter, so those with these Rising or Moon signs will especially feel more liberated with more smooth sailing now.

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