NEW YEAR 2023 Planet Transits

December 29, 2022

Happy New Year, Everyone! I’m sure you noticed that I did not get a November or December blog posted. That was due to dealing with health issues. But with the new year coming in, I will get the main points posted here, for the important planet changes coming up for January.

As you may know, MERCURY went Retrograde on 12/29/22. This often challenging period can lead to crossed wires of communication, affecting also any communication equipment, and delays may occur, especially for those with Virgo and Gemini Rising or Moon signs. It lasts until 1/18/23.

MERCURY was in Capricorn, but backs up into Sagittarius on 12/30/22. Mercury moves back into Capricorn on 2/06/23. While in Sagittarius, this represents good houses for both signs ruled by Mercury. For Virgos, it is their 4th house of home, confidence, friends and supporters, plus vehicles and real estate. For Geminis, it is their 7th house of partners and business. Once Mercury moves back into Capricorn, that is still good news for Virgos, as this is their 5th house of success, learning, teaching and children. But for Geminis, Capricorn is their 8th house of transformation, vulnerability, battles and disunion, so not as comfortable.

1/01 – 1/12/23 MERCURY will be combust the Sun, which will dampen communications. Let us be mindful of the need for tactfulness and diplomacy, which Mercury normally provides. During this period, Geminis and Virgos will feel the pressure the most, especially with the ruler of their charts also being in Retrograde status during this time.

1/12/23 – MARS goes Direct! Mars has been retrograde for a very long time, since 10/30/22, which is why it has remained in the sign of Taurus for so long. The Signs ruled by Mars are Aries and Scorpio. Those who have these Ascendants or Moon signs will now get a sense of some forward movement in their life and affairs. Mars will still remain in Taurus until 3/12/23, when it moves into the next sign, Gemini.

1/17/23 SATURN MOVES INTO AQUARIUS! This sign is ruled by Saturn, just as Capricorn is, where Saturn has been transiting for a while. The Aquarian energy will bring some relief and aid the more humanitarian influences of that sign to be enhanced for society, as well as for those with Aquarian Rising or Moon signs.

1/22/23 VENUS enters Aquarius, joining its friend Saturn there. Venus will remain in this sign until 2/15/23. This is a good placement for those with Taurus Rising or Moon signs, as it is their 10th house of action, career, name and fame. Things should go their way for the most part during this transit. Libras are also ruled by Venus, and should enjoy this 5th house transit, that connects them to children, learning, teaching, success and romance.

1/30/23 – SATURN goes Combust the Sun. The Sun and Saturn are “enemies” in the first place. Saturn does not like the bright, fiery rays of the Sun singeing its feathers, so to speak. Combustion makes a planet grumpy, grouchy and not able to perform at its best. So those ruled by Saturn, Capricorns and Aquarians, will feel this intensity the most, causing some restlessness and inner turmoil. Saturn gets out of combustion on 3/05/23.

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