June 2022 Vedic Astrology Planet Transits

June 1, 2022

6/03/22 – June begins with the happy news that Mercury goes Direct motion this date, getting out of what seem like a very l o n g three weeks of Retrograde status. Communications in general should approve, there will be more flow and fluidity especially for those with Gemini or Virgo Rising or Moon signs. Tactfulness and diplomacy can once more be the norm now. It does seem that June will be an easier month than May was.

6/04/22 – Saturn goes Retrograde today, until 10/22/22. It is currently in its own sign of Aquarius. It will back up into Capricorn (the other sign it owns) on 7/12/22 and remain there until 1/23/23. Either sign’s location is fine for those with Capricorn Rising or Moon signs. In either case, it strengthens their connection to money, family and communication resources. There’s an opportunity to save more, once it does return to Aquarius next January. The role of the working class, and law enforcement become a more pronounced social focus once the Capricorn transit begins on 7/12.

6/15/22 – The Sun enters Gemini for its one month transit. This is a positive transit for Virgos, as this is their 10th house of career, action, name and fame. It could be a successful period for their vocation. For Geminis, having the Sun passing through their first house of self, body, personality and direction of their life, gives energy and a greater sense of personal power. For Leos, ruled by the Sun, Gemini is their 11th house of gain and income, so many of them will enjoy the ability to fulfill their desires now. That, of course, depends on what Dashas they are running (Dashas are one’s personal planetary cycles – which are more powerful than the transits).

6/17/22 – VENUS moves into its own sign of Taurus. It will remain there until 7/12, providing many delightful pleasures for those with Taurus Rising and Moon signs. Venus represents beauty, art, music, desires, partners. Taureans may feel an increased flow of creativity now. Libras are also ruled by Venus. Taurus represents their 8th house so there can be some interesting changes, but they may include feelings of vulnerability for Libras.

6/26/22 – MARS enters Aries, its own sign. The sense of drive, competition and ambition already inherent in most people with Aries Rising and Moon signs, will be enhanced. Mars remains here until 8/10. Scorpios are also ruled by Mars. This transit is their 6th house of stress, worry, enemies, rivals and competitors. Mars here helps them overcome the latter. Just watch out for physically overdoing it, especially be careful of your back, hips and intestines, all ruled by the 6th house.

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