April, 2022 Planet Transits

April 5, 2022

Springtime is here! I’ve always found the month of April to be a good one for new beginnings. As the month began, the Moon entered the sign of Aries, which especially denotes fresh starts and new projects coming our way. That will be amplified once the Sun enters Aries on 4/13/22.

4/7/22 – MARS enters Aquarius, bringing energy and ambition to this typically cerebral, philosophical air sign. Those with Aquarius Rising or Moon signs may feel a fire lit under them, so to speak. Aries Rising and Moon sign folks will enjoy the ruler of their charts now crossing their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire. Scorpios are also ruled by Mars. They will benefit from this 4th house transit, through connecting with friends. Just beware of vehicle issues now; in other words don’t speed while driving! Mars remains here until 5/16/22.

4/8/22 – MERCURY enters Aries. It will be conjunct Rahu here, which may bring some uneasiness or restlessness to those ruled by Mercury, Geminis and Virgos. At least this transits represents the 11th house for Geminis, so some gains may be had. For Virgos, it is a more problematic transit, representing their 8th house of vulnerability and transformation. There may be some battles to face, which could trigger the vulnerable feelings. Mercury remains in this sign until 4/29.

4/13/22 – A big day in which TWO planets are changing signs. The SUN moves into Aries, its sign of exaltation, which is of benefit to Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, for this sign represents their 9th house of Dharma, good fortune, higher education, remedies and pilgrimage. However it will be conjunct Rahu here which can throw in some unexpected monkey wrenches during this one month transit. Keep sharp and think on your toes, both Aries and Leo Rising and Moon signs.

4/13/22 – JUPITER – this great benefic, which only moves every 12 to 13 months, now goes into its own sign of Pisces. It will be extremely happy and beneficial here, for most Rising signs and the world in general. So many benefits are to be expected for those with Pisces Rising or Moon signs. The only Rising signs who may not benefit as much are those with Aries, Libras and Leos. This is due to: For Aries, Pisces is their 12 house of loss and expenses, plus solitude or isolation. At least the expenses should be on “good things” such a books, courses, education, or children. For Libras, this sign is their 6th house, which is their house of health issues. Jupiter represents the liver and the fat in our bodies, so Libras may have to watch for some issues in those areas, or challenges with children. For Leos, this transit occurs in their 8th house of transformation, vulnerability, battles and disunion. Issues with children may arise.

4/15/22 – MERCURY gets out of combustion with the Sun, bringing improvement in communications, and greater smoothness and tactfulness to interactions with others. Geminis and Virgos especially benefit.

4/24/22 – MERCURY enters Earth sign Taurus. This sign is the 9th (best) house for Virgos, so they will experience a big improvement, after that 8th house transit, with things suddenly turning around and working out for them. Geminis may feel more reclusive, as the ruler of their charts enters their 12th house here. Spending will need to be watched as well. Taureans should fare well with this transit of Mercury in their sign, inspiring greater communication and playfulness.

4/27/22 – VENUS enters Pisces, its sign of exaltation. Here it joins Jupiter, the other big benefic planet with is also in high dignity there. The Sun is still exalted in Aries at this time, so several planets are giving their best influences to life on Earth now. Taurus will greatly enjoy the ruler of their charts transiting their 11th house of gain and income now. Libras are ruled by Venus as well, but here it is crossing their 6th house where it may multiply stresses and worries, while also providing opportunities to be of service.

4/28/22 – SATURN enters Aquarius, its own sign, coming from Capricorn, which it also owns. This is a big deal as Saturn is the slowest moving planet, changing signs only every two and a half years. As you can see, we will now have FOUR planets in high dignity! Saturn represents structure, laws, law enforcement personnel and workers of all types. Thus these areas of society should benefit now from the strength that Saturn has, and its ability to deliver its more positive significations such as duty, responsibility, reliability, persistence, and longevity.

4/30/22 Areas seeing, at least, a partial Solar eclipse: South/West South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctica. This eclipse occurs in the sign of Aries, where Rahu is also transiting. This tricky north node of the Moon is often the culprit who tries to “swallow the light” of either of our solar system’s luminaries. When it’s not Rahu, then it’s other half Ketu is responsible. We are fortunate that the eclipse will not be visible in North America, as these cosmic events are not deemed auspicious in Vedic Astrology.

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