March, 2022 Vedic Planet Transits: Rahu & Ketu Move!

March 1, 2022

MARCH is a month of big planetary shifts (and April will bring even more). The Nodes of the Moon, are Rahu and Ketu (malefic “planets” with no solid bodies, they represent mathematical points above and below the Moon and are involved whenever eclipses occur). They only change signs every 18 months and will do so on the night of March 16th. This spells relief for the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. Those with Taurus Rising or Moon signs, especially, have experienced the “seizing and letting go” action that Rahu is famous for, during these past 18 months. Such a transit can bring inner upheaval for our earth sign Taurus friends, passion that may come out in strong ways, and even a bit of roughness. Rahu will move backwards into fire sign Aries, and it will be their turn to deal with this planet of unexpected changes! Ketu is the South Node which represents hindrance and degradation but can also bring some psychic experiences or ESP. It moves from Scorpio into Libra, so those with that Rising or Moon sign natally will experience these effects.

3/05/22 – On this night Mercury enters air sign Aquarius. This is a positive change for those with Gemini Rising and Moon signs as this sign is the 9th house for Geminis. They will enjoy the ruler of their chart now being in their BEST house and finally out of their 8th, most challenging house, which represents vulnerability, transformation, battles and disunion. For Virgos, also ruled by Mercury, Aquarius represents their 6th house. This means it’s time to take good care of your health, including mental stresses and worries that may crop up. You may have a chance to be of service to others who need counseling or healthcare services. This is not a long transit, as Mercury will move into Pisces late on 3/23/22.

3/13/22 – Remember to set your clocks forward tonight, as we enter Daylight Savings Time! Yes, we’ll lose an hour of sleep, but there will be more sunlight to enjoy at the end of the work days.

3/15/22 – The SUN enters Pisces for a 30-day journey in this water sign. The Sun owns the 6th house for Pisceans so may bring some worry or stress to our spiritual friends who have Pisces Rising or Moon signs. The Sun owns the sign of Leo, so for those with Leo Rising or Moon signs, this transit can bring a certain degree of vulnerability or uncomfortable changes, as the ruler of their chart crosses their 8th house.

3/16/22 – Rahu and Ketu move – see my description above in the first paragraph.

3/18/22 – MERCURY goes combust the Sun. That brings irritability to any planet who ventures too close to the fiery orb, and that condition can be experienced by those ruled by Mercury, Geminis and Virgos. It will be important to stay calm and maintain equanimity, no matter what events or conditions in the outer world try to provoke or aggravate you!

3/19/22 – JUPITER goes non-combust the Sun. This great benefic planet rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces. This improved condition now will helps those with these Rising or Moon signs feel happier and enjoy a sense of burdens becoming less, so that is positive. Jupiter represents happiness, good fortune, wisdom, knowledge and good judgment. Therefore, these qualities should be enhanced overall now, and thus a benefit for all.

3/23/22 – MERCURY enters Pisces. Whereas this is the weakest sign for Mercury, where it is considered debilitated, it does own good houses for those with this Rising or Moon signs. Therefore, they may attract partners, friends, comforts and happiness now. Those with Pisces Rising or Moon signs will feel more chatty and communicative, and wanting to have fun. For the Geminis and Virgos who are ruled by Mercury, well, I’m glad to say this sign represents good houses in both of their charts, so business and career should prosper, and more progress can be made by the Geminis, as well as feeling more active and outgoing now.

3/30/22 – VENUS enters Aquarius. Here Venus is in a friend’s sign. Taurus Rising and Moon sign folks may feel more outgoing as this sign is their 10th house of career, action, name and fame. It is a positive transits for you. For Libras, this sign represents their 5th house, which helps them connect with children, and it is a good time for learning new things, teaching, success in the world, and romance. For the Aquarian Rising and Moon signs, Venus is their Yogakara or best planet. It brings good luck, good fortune, remedies, pilgrimages, friends, supporters, and comforts. Those looking for a new home or new car can have luck finding them now.

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