February, 2022 Vedic Astrology Planet Transits

February 1, 2022

2/03/22 – MERCURY GOES DIRECT! Ah, what a relief, after another 3 week period of this condition, which interrupts communication devices at times, and creates misunderstandings in interpersonal relationships. We’ve once more made it through this cosmic monkey wrench in the affairs of man. This change will bring special relief to those ruled by Mercury, the Virgo and Gemini Ascendants and Moon sign chart owners. They will again begin to enjoy a sense of progress.

2/12/22 – The SUN moves into Aquarius. This is a better position for Leos, as the Sun rules their charts. Now it will be crossing their 7th house of partners, business, marriage and travel; a nice break after its month’s journey through their 6th house of stress, enemies, rivals and competitors, plus health issues. Aquarians benefit as well, as it is their 7th house ruler, and will be crossing their 1st hour of self, body, personality and direction of their life. It will attract partners to them, and perhaps some business opportunities.

2/18/22 – JUPITER goes combust the Sun. This condition will last until 3/19/22. Those who are ruled by this great benefic, the Sagittarius and Pisces Rising and Moon sign chart owners, may feel a little more easily irritated, restless and tense. Fortunately this period does not last too long.

2/21/22 – SATURN goes non-combust. Saturn has been traveling too close for comfort to the fiery Sun, which is an indication that those ruled by Saturn (Capricorns and Aquarians) could have been feeling more roughness and shortness of temper vs. their usual calmness and practical, objective problem-solving demeanor. This condition has been going on since 1/18/22, so it’s a nice shift now.

2/26/22 – MARS enters Capricorn at 3:19 a.m. MST. Mars is most powerful in this sign, where it is in Exalted status. Those ruled by Mars will benefit. For Scorpios, this is their 3rd house of energy, vitality and self-efforts. Courage will be abundant now, and motivation to get busy with some projects will be flowing. For Aries Rising and Moon signs, this is their 10th house of action, name and fame, career, and so we shall see a spotlight of popularity shining on our Aries friends! They will want to be out and about, “getting it done” rather than sitting around the house. That’s still a challenge as the pandemic drags on, curtailing activities in all of our lives.

2/26/22 – VENUS enters Capricorn at 9:48 p.m. MST. So it’s a double planet move day, and this proximity to each other in the same sign means that Venus and Mars will be in “planetary war” for a few days. They will also be in “the gap” as it takes a few days to get beyond zero degrees of the sign they’ve just entered. So neither will be in shape to give their best until they get some distance into Capricorn, and gain some distance from each other. Once that is achieved, we can expect both planets to bring great things to our Capricorn Rising and Moon sign friends. Venus is their Yogakaraka (best planet) and can bring all manner of good things their way. They will feel affectionate and their charming side can come out more now. Mars can bring real estate opportunity to them, and they will feel more active, creative and ambitious now. There’s been a real “planet stew” or pile up of several planets crossing Capricorn for some time. The cast of players keeps changing, but now Mars and Venus get added to the mix, with Saturn and Mercury already there.

March Preview: The Nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu move on 3/16/22. This will bring relief for our Taurus friends, who have experienced the “seizing and letting go” aspect of Rahu for 18 months now. Scorpios will be glad to be rid of Ketu’s limiting influence, with its qualities of hindrance, degradation, secrecy, etc., making them feel “not seen.” The Nodes always move backwards, so Aries will be the hosting sign for Rahu as of 3/16, and Ketu enters Libra, for the next year and a half. More discussion on these points, in my March blog.

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