January 2022 – Vedic Star Planet Transits

January 2, 2022

NEW YEAR’S GREETINGS, Friends! Here’s a peek at major planet influences in the year ahead and details for this first month of the year. May 2022 bring everyone the blessings of good health, peace and prosperity.

Looking ahead to the Springtime, we’ll see great benefic JUPITER happily moving into its own sign, Pisces, on 4/13/22. This will be a very beneficial transit, and bring much relief to many. Not to be outdone, SATURN moves into Aquarius on 4/28/22, which is a sign it owns and it is in high dignity there. So both these planets will be able to deliver some of their best results once these transits start. Though Saturn is already content and doing well in its other sign of Capricorn. After Saturn goes retrograde on 6/04/22, it will “moonwalk” backwards into Capricorn on 7/12/22. Other big Spring change news: the Nodes of the Moon, RAHU and KETU move backwards. They will enter Aries (Rahu) and Libra (Ketu) on 3/16/22. This will be a relief for those with Taurus or Scorpio Rising or natal Moon signs, as they’ve been hosting the nodes for the past year and a half. We’ll discuss the impact on Aries and Libra charts when it’s time to create my March blog post.

1/03/22 VENUS will be combust the Sun (traveling too close for comfort) until 1/13/22. This can make this usually benefic planet a little grouchy, especially considering that Venus has also been in Retrograde motion since 12/19/21. Venus gets out of Retrograde on 1/29/22. Those ruled by Venus, Taurus and Libra Ascendants and Moon sign chart owners, will experience more progress after that date, and find situations that have been sluggish or even at a standstill can move forward once more. Even prior to that, they will feel much better once Venus is out of combustion on 1/13/22.

1/14/22 The SUN moves into Capricorn. This is not the happiest placement for the Sun, as it’s in an enemy’s sign here. For Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, this is their 6th house of enemies, rivals, competitors, worries, stress, delays and health issues. You get the picture….not a fine time for our Leo friends. This is the time of year in which it’s easier for them to experience delays and obstacles, and there is the need to be mindful of their health. For Capricorn Rising and Moon chart owners, Leo owns their 8th house of vulnerability, transformation, battles and disunion, so may bring a range of these type of situations to deal with, during this one month transit.

1/14/22 MERCURY goes RETROGRADE. Yes, the year starts out with the appearance of this often challenging phenomenon coming up rather quickly, which can lead to crossed wires of communication, affecting also any communication equipment and delays especially for those with Virgo and Gemini Rising or Moon signs. It lasts until 2/03/22.

1/16/22 MARS moves into Sagittarius, a friend’s sign. This planet will energize our Sag friends and brings some success, as their 5th house ruler, but also there can be moments of desiring solitude or spiritual experiences, as it also rules their 12th house. Scorpio Rising and Moon sign chart owners benefit by the transit of their chart ruler through their 2nd house of family, wealth and communication. Aries chart owners also benefit, as here Mars will be moving through their 9th house of good luck, good fortune, and higher education, plus remedies and pilgrimage. Enjoy!

1/17/22 MERCURY becomes combust the Sun, which will dampen communications. Let us be mindful of the need for tactfulness and diplomacy, which Mercury normally provides. During this period, which lasts until 1/28/22, Geminis and Virgos will feel the pressure the most, especially with the ruler of their charts also being in Retrograde status during this time.

1/18/22 SATURN becomes combust the Sun, i.e. traveling too close for comfort. This condition continues until 2/21/22. During this time, Capricorns and Aquarians who are ruled by this planet, will experience some irritations and annoying snags in plans. Remember to practice patience!

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