November 2021 Vedic Astrology Planet Transits

November 1, 2021

November is the month of Thanksgiving, and we shall see what planet changes will be a cause for giving thanks.

11/01/21- MERCURY enters Libra this evening. That is a friend’s house for this planet of communication, commerce, diplomacy and friendship. It bodes well for both signs that it rules, Gemini and Virgo, as this sign represents positive houses for each. Libras can experience good fortune, as well as spiritual inclinations as Mercury rules their 9th and 12th houses.

11/05/21 – Mercury goes combust the Sun. This condition lasts until 12/24/21. It causes a planet to become irritable, and not able to live up to its full potential, we might say. This is not a helpful influence for communication in general, and especially for Gemini and Virgo Rising and Moon signs folks, as Mercury rules their charts.

11/16/21 – The SUN moves into Scorpio, a friend’s sign. This influence brings power and strength to those with Scorpio Rising and Moon signs. For Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, this placement is in their 4th house of home, friends, self confidence, and should bring comforts and a sense of being at ease.

11/19/21 Partial LUNAR eclipse – Regions seeing, at least, some parts of the eclipse: Much of Europe, Much of Asia, Australia, North/West Africa, North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Arctic. This eclipse occurs in the sign of Taurus, where the MOON is exalted, because at this time it will be conjunct with Rahu, the malefic North Node of the Moon, which is also exalted there. Passions may run high in those with Taurus Rising and Moon signs. Be careful what you wish for… and try to maintain some patience and equilibrium today.

11/20/21 – Here’s the day of Gratitude that I mentioned above! JUPITER, the great benefic will get relief now, moving out of its sign of Debilitation and out of its conjunction with Saturn, in Capricorn. Those who will feel better nearly immediately (once it has moved far enough into Aquarius) include those with Gemini Ascendants and Moon signs, for the long haul transit through their 8th house of transformation, vulnerability, battles and disunion, has not been an easy one. Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter and will experience greater vitality and energy as it enters their 3rd house, along with greater creativity and some regional journeys, plus the possibility of feeling closer to siblings. Pisces Rising and Moon signs are also ruled by Jupiter, but Aquarius is their 12th house so they may opt for greater seclusion and will need to watch out for losses and expenses. Those with Aquarius Rising or Moon signs now benefit financially to have their 2nd and 11th ruler Jupiter transit their sign. Capricorns will need to watch their spending, as this change means that the ruler of their 12th house of loss, will now be crossing their house of income, family and communications.

11/20/21 – MERCURY now enters Scorpio. This may bring some gain to those with Scorpio Rising and Moon signs, but also some vulnerability, since Mercury rules both their 11th and 8th houses. This 3rd house transit for Virgos is fine, boosting their energy and vitality. It is not as positive for Geminis, as it will be crossing their 6th house of health issues, and worry, enemies, rivals and competitors now. Mercury remains in this sign until 12/09/21.

11/28/21 – MARS gets out of combustion with the Sun. This will be a nice relief for both Aries and Scorpio Rising and Moon signs. Now actions can be a bit cleaner, freer from irritation, anger and impatience.

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Moon, Blood Moon, Moonlight, Full Moon

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