September Planet Transits

September 3, 2021

September, 2021 has arrived! There are some big planet changes to describe here, which makes this a significant month, astrologically.

9/05/21 – It’s a three-planet move today. The Moon enters Leo; Venus enters its own sign of Libra, so it will be quite happy, especially to be getting out of its sign of debilitation; Mars moves into Virgo.

The Moon changes signs every 2.5 days, so there’s not enough time here to go into what each change means. In Leo the Moon will be in a friend’s sign. Cancer Rising and natal Moon sign chart owners will benefit.

Venus, and those ruled by it – Taurus and Libra Rising and Moon sign folks – will enjoy the strength and balance Venus now experiences, and how that reflects in their own lives and every day experiences. A focus on beauty, luxury, the Arts will now manifest and bring happiness, if these blessings are embraced. Enjoy, Venus-ruled friends!

Mars, and its effect on those with Virgo Ascendants or natal Moon signs – there can be feelings of impatience, irritability or just getting easily aggravated. These tendencies are magnified to a degree, due to the aspect on Virgo and Mars when it arrives there, from malefic Rahu. Wishing our Virgo friends the inner peace and calm that meditative practices may provide, to get through this transit. With Mars ruling your 8th house of Transformation, Vulnerability, Battles and Disunion, some of those qualities may overwhelm your normal practical logic and good sense. Mars remains in this Earth sign until October 21.

For Aries Ascendants and Moon sign people, this transit represents their 6th house of health issues, worry, stress and obstacles. It will be hard for Aries natives to “chill out” and take it one day at a time due to their nature to charge ahead, to “get it done,” but that’s just what they need to do right now. For Scorpios, the other sign ruled by Mars, Virgo is their 11th house of gain, income and fulfillment of desire, so this transit can bring some nice benefits now.

9/14/21 – JUPITER – the big benefic planet, has been in retrograde movement while in Air sign Aquarius for some time. Today, that “backwards dance” causes it to return to Earth sign Capricorn where it will remain until November 20. While in Capricorn, its sign of debilitation, scenarios which had been set in motion during its previous sojourn there may finally come to fruition, or some situations that seemed settled may rear up again to be dealt with. It will be conjunct Saturn here, which helps give some “cancellation of debilitation” because Saturn is so strong in its own sign. Jupiter here brings some spiritual influence to Capricorns (its their 12th house ruler), as well as some good luck and good fortune.

9/16/21 – The Sun enters Virgo. Those with Leo Rising or natal Moon signs are ruled by the Sun. As it enters their 2nd house, this transit enlivens their connections to family, is helpful financially and conducive to greater communication. For Virgos, the Sun represents their 12th house ruler. As it crosses their 1st house of self, body and direction of their lives, this can be helpful for them to focus on inward, spiritual experiences. The paradox is that the Sun can also bring a sense of leadership to them for this 30 day transit. While it’s a good time to go within, it’s important be careful to avoid any unnecessary expenses which this transit may tend to bring.

9/21/21 – Mercury enters Libra, a friend’s sign today. This is a comfortable energy for Mercury, and supportive of more harmonious communication. Both signs ruled by Mercury, Gemini and Virgo, benefit, as the house that Libra represents for each, is positive. For Geminis it is their 5th house of children, learning, success and inclinations of the mind. For Virgos it is their 2nd house of family, wealth and speech.

9/26/21 – MERCURY goes RETROGRADE – until 10/10/21. This is not a great time to sign any contracts or start something new. During this time things may appear to be “going backwards” or feelings of being misunderstood or miscommunications may occur.  Anything that deals with communication may be affected, from my experience. Once again, it’s a time to employ diplomacy, tactfulness and mindfulness in our speech. Geminis are advised to resort to their clever sense of humor to make it through those big waves. Virgos, also ruled by Mercury, should employ their practical logic and skills of deduction and not jump to conclusions.

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Stars of a planet and galaxy in a free space. Elements of this image  furnished by NASA Stock Photo - Alamy

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