August 2021 Planet Transits

August 2, 2021

Is everyone ready for August? It’s here! With all the planet changes fit to print, as we consider the transit movements happening this month.

8/08/21 – Mercury enters Leo. This planet of communication, curiosity and friendliness can help make our Leo friends a bit more chatty. It’s also helpful financially to those with Leo Rising or Moon signs. Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo. Leo is the 3rd house for Geminis, so they can expect to be busy with projects now, including some writing. For Virgos, Leo is their 12th house, so there may be some losses, expenditures, or a feeling to be a little withdrawn and inward now, craving some solitude. This transit lasts until 8/25.

8/11/21 – Venus moves into Virgo. and remains there until 9/5/21. This benefic planet is debilitated or at its weakest in the sign of Virgo but still brings many benefits to those with Virgo Ascendants or Moon signs, for it rules their 2nd house of wealth and 9th house of good luck and good fortune, bringing those significations to Virgo’s front burners. The signs of Libra and Taurus are ruled by Venus. Taureans will benefit from this 5th house transit for them, as they should enjoy success, enhanced interest in learning and/or closeness to children. For Libras, this is a 12th house transit, so not as favorable, as it increases losses and expenses.

8/15/21 – Mercury gets out of combustion (traveling too close to the Sun) which status it has been in since 7/19. Communication in general should be more flowing now, in general, with fewer chances of being misunderstood. Virgo and Gemini Ascendants and Moon chart folks should feel more at ease now.

8/16/21 – The SUN enters Leo for its one month transit in this Fire sign, which it owns. Leos should feel very empowered during this period, with the natural leadership abilities shining. It’s important for Leo Rising and Moon signs to take care not to get overheated, either physically or in temperament at this time.

8/17/21 – MARS becomes combust the Sun, as its orbit brings it a little too close to the fiery orb of the Sun for comfort. Those ruled by Mars are Aries and Scorpio. They may feel a bit more impatient, restless and quarrelsome during this period, which lasts until 11/28. Yes, that IS a long period for Mars-ruled people to need to watch their temper, and tendency to do things too hastily.

8/22/21 – FULL MOON in Aquarius. The Moon is at its maximum point of fullness right at 6:00 a.m. Mountain time, in the sign of Aquarius. In this progressive sign of the humanitarian, may the full moon usher in energies of progress for society as a whole. For the Cancer Rising and Moon signs, which are ruled by the Moon, this sign represents their 8th house of transformation and vulnerability, as well as sexuality. Changes may bring some feelings of insecurity to Cancerians. However, it will be conjunct with benefic Jupiter here, so this conjunction brings protection and intuition.

8/25/21 – MERCURY will move into its own sign of Virgo at 23:48 p.m. MDT, so in the wee hours of 8/26 for those living east of here. It remains in this sign until 9/21. This is a very beneficial transit for both the Geminis and Virgos, and brings a great deal of intellectual clarity. As Virgo’s 10th house ruler it also can bring good career progress and personal power right now. For Geminis this is a 4th house placement, so their home life and friends will be highlighted, and self confidence should be healthy in this period.

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