PLANETS in the Merry Month of May, 2015

May 2, 2015

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5/02/15 – VENUS moved into the dual air sign of Gemini, where it will remain until 5/30/15.  This represents positive experiences for those ruled by Venus, i.e. those with Rising or Moon signs of Taurus and Libra, because where Venus now sits represents good houses for each of them. That is the 9th house for Libras (good luck, good fortune) and the 2nd house for Taureans (wealth, family, communication).

This shift for Venus also represents a mutual exchange of signs with its friend Mercury who now sits next door to Gemini in Taurus, which is a sign owned by Venus.  Those with Taurus Rising or Moon signs should feel especially expressive and creative now, close to family members and rolling in the dough! 

5/03/15 – MARS moves into earth sign Taurus.  This is helpful for both Scorpios and Aries folks, the two signs that Mars rules. It can bring travel or closeness to partners (even to business partners) into play for the Scorpios, while Aries gets a break from the “heat” of impatience and intensity that it’s had with the Sun crossing through its own sign of Aries for some time. Mars in the 2nd house for the Aries Rising and Moon sign people, connects them to family, wealth and speech.

5/14/15 – the SUN will move into Taurus for 30 days, as it does every year at this time. Again, this is a break for the Aries folks, getting this fiery orb to move on from their sign. The “power” that the Sun represents now goes to those with Taurus Rising or Moon charts.  Having both Mars and the Sun in Taurus (and Mercury there as well), makes it an excellent time for real estate deals for Taureans. Of course, you will have to bear with the negative end of the spectrum of qualities that these two hot planets can bring: impatience, anger, restlessness, being prone towards some temper or argumentativeness.  Let’s remember to keep the qualities of tactfulness and diplomacy active in the mix, which Mercury can bring to you now.

5/18/15 – Speaking of MERCURY! Oh yes, here we go again, with another MERCURY RETROGRADE period in store now, lasting until 6/11/15. Yes, this influence can always bring “the appearance of things moving backwards” especially in terms of communications or even communications equipment problems, yet it can also give the opportunity to “revisit” something you started before but have not yet finished. It is not the best time to be signing contracts or starting new endeavors.

5/21/15MERCURY COMBUST the Sun.  In this period of traveling too close to the Sun for comfort, people can lose their normal level of tactfulness, friendliness or diplomacy, all qualities that Mercury rules.  This influence will last until 6/07/15, so whereas everyone is affected, those most affected are the Gemini and Virgo Rising and Moon sign chart owners, since Mercury rules their signs. Paying attention to the times each year that the ruler of your charts is in such a condition, can bring more mindfulness to any given situation, to overcome these “hot-headed” effects.

5/30/15 – VENUS now brings her benefic qualities to the water sign Cancer, making those with this Rising or Moon sign feel affectionate, attractive, loving and desirous of luxuries and comforts, or items of beauty.  It’s a great time to melt your Cancerian friend’s heart with a flower or some item of beauty, or take them to a music concert.

To understand how these planetary shifts affect your own life in 2015, please call me to schedule your personal reading.

All the best, from the Sunshine Corner, here in Sedona, AZ.  Tel. No. 928-284-4060.  Thank you for any referrals you may send me.  I offer many services such as: natal chart readings, yearly updates, couples compatibility or astrocartography (location) readings.  If you would like to book an appointment for yourself, or as a gift for a family member or dear one, please call me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes, taped session.  Thank you, Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, healingevents@yahoo.com  – please remember to check out my book!

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