Both SATURN & MERCURY going Retrograde

February 18, 2013

Planet Movements for February, 2013

SATURN – goes retrograde tomorrow morning, February 18th and will stay in this condition until July 7th.

Since August 3, 2012, Saturn has been transiting LIBRA, the sign in which it receives Exalted dignity. Malefic Rahu joined it there on January 14, 2013 (and Rahu stays in this sign for 18 months).  A planet in exaltation is in its highest dignity, and thus considered more able to deliver on the qualities it stands for. Yet we were taught that “Exalted Saturn means exalted grief”, since grief, obstacles and delays are some of Saturn’s qualities.

For the signs which Saturn “rules”, Capricorn and Aquarius, Saturn is transiting very good houses (the 10th of career, action, name and fame; the 9th house of good luck, respectively).  For Libra Ascendents or Moon signs, Saturn is the Yoga Karaka, or best planet, so we still expect it to bring good things for these signs, in any case.  For society at large, Saturn is governing servants, and those who labor — sitting with Rahu, and now going retrograde, we could see some restlessness and even chaos in these segments of the population now. Attention will be drawn to their plight, and perhaps (finally) some solutions can be found, such as increasing the minimum wage, which has sadly lagged behind the cost of living increases, for many years now.

MERCURY GOES RETROGRADE ON FEBRUARY 23- and stays that way until March 17th.  It will be in the Sign of Aquarius when this occurs, along with the Sun, Mars and Venus. The “planetary pile up” in the fixed Air sign of Aquarius will bring some positive energy, at least from Venus (Yogakaraka planet for Aquarians). Mars is already there and bringing more energy and ambition (but perhaps some irritation, anger or quarrelsomeness as well). Even Mercury brings the ability to learn new things now, something that always appeals to Aquarians. The Sun rules the 7th house for this Air sign, and thus can attract new partners, whether personal or business partners.

VENUS went combust the Sun on February 16th and stays that way until May 6th, so those with Taurus or Libra Rising or Moon signs, take note, as you may find yourself feeling more peevish or easily stressed or irritated during this period. Patience is such a virture, isn’t it? LOL.

As usual, I am happy to oblige with a personal reading, yearly reading, couples compatibility reading or astrocartography reading, if you would like to book an appointment. Please just call on me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes, taped session. From the Sunshine Corner, as ever, Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, 303-473-9393, healingevents@yahoo.com.

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