Planet Update! Mercury enters Leo 8/28; Venus enters Cancer 8/31 on a Blue Moon

August 28, 2012

So many things to share as the grahas (planets) dance into their next positions in the Cosmos!

Did any of you notice a particularly intense few days from August 12th through the 16th ? That is when Mars and Saturn (“great enemies” to one another) were having a “planetary war.”

Saturn had entered its sign of exaltation Libra, on August 3rd (by the way, it only JUST got of Sandhi or “the gap” on August 26th, so now has full power).  Well, after a long time together “duking it out” in the sign of Virgo, Mars once again is conjunct Saturn as they transit Libra, which Mars entered on August 13th.  They were traveling close enough together (within one degree of each other) from August 12 -16, for that to be considered “planetary war.” Not a fun time for either planet! 

In a nutshell, that would not have been comfortable for any of the signs ruled by Mars (Aries, Scorpio) OR Saturn (Capricorn, Aquarius), much less their host sign of Libra, so if you have either an Ascendant or Moon sign of any of the above, you will know what I mean, from your own experience!

For Aries Ascendants and Moon signs these 2 planets are crossing your 7th house of business, partners and travel, so there could be some difficulties with relationships.  The natural competitive urges of those with this sign will be running into delays and obstacles, at least.

Right now, it is the Scorpio Rising or Moon signs, that I have the most sympathy for. Not only is the ruler of their chart Mars, traveling with arch enemy Saturn, but that is occurring in their 12th house of loss, expenditure, and isolation.  Scorpios are already by nature a somewhat secretive lot, and guard their privacy. You may see even less of your Scorpio friends during this time of going inward.  Remember that they also have the affliction of malefic RAHU crossing their sign, where it is debilitated (thus meaner than usual, even), which stays there until January 14, 2013.

On top of that Venus has been crossing Scorpio’s 8th house of “transformation, battles and disunion, and vulnerability). Venus stands for partners, plus rules Scorpio’s 7th house of spouse or partner, so it is just all shaping up to be a rather intense time….unless they use the 8th house (and 12th house) sexual energy as these transits can also provide a time of focusing on this type of sensuality and “bed pleasures.”  Considering all of the above, “yikes!” we say for the Scorpios!

VENUS MOVES INTO CANCER August 31st, the same day as the 2nd full moon this month, which makes it a “blue moon.”  There is no special Vedic Astrology significance to this occurrence, to my knowledge, just an interesting coincidence.  My calculations show that the Moon will be at its fullness point at approximately 8:00 a.m. MDT time (Colorado time) in the sign of Aquarius.

Cancerians will enjoy this transit of Venus, which owns their 11th house of income, as well as their 4th house of friends, self confidence, comforts of home, vehicles, property…bringing these items or qualities into their lives.  This is an improvement since it was crossing their house of loss in the prior transit.

It should prove a relief to the Scorpios too (see above!) as finally benefic Venus will be crossing their 9th house of good luck, good fortune, Natural Law, etc.

Venus in the Virgo Ascendants and Moon sign folks’ 11th house of gain and income, should help them in that area.

As always, I welcome your emails or phone calls, to set up a personal Vedic Astrology 90 minutes reading with me to see what these planet changes mean for you personally. Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, from the Sunshine Corner, healingevents@yahoo.com.  www.vedicstarcharts.com 303-473-9393 Boulder, CO 80304


  1. Looking forward to tomorrow (the 31rst, being a Moon sign. Peace and Joy, Nisa

    • Hello Nisa, how is it going?! I hope you got to read my last post as the planets do remain intense in one way or another, until about mid-November. At least tomorrow we will enjoy Mercury going into Virgo (its own sign) those clarity of intellect will be strengthened, and Venus goes into Venus, its own sign, too. It will be joining the exalted Saturn and Rahu there…we shall see what is next for our world. love and blessings, Mary on 9/04/2013

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