MARS combust the Sun; Saturn is retrograde

February 7, 2011


One of the biggest planetary events creating a stir of problematic energy at the current time is the fact that Mars and the Sun are traveling so closely together.  We refer to this as “Mars being Combust the Sun.” For days now, they have been traveling either at the very same degree, or within one degree of each other. Ouch! While both are in the sign of Capricorn, where Mars is in its Exaltation status, the extreme “heat” of the Sun serves to make it very much of a “crispy critter”, thus it cannot deliver its good qualities of energy and action.  This also has an actual POSITIVE result, I believe.  Mars is the “Commander in Chief” in the line up of planets used in the Vedic Astrology system.  On the world scene, the fact that the Egyptian army has not charged in to interrupt the big demonstrations, and continues to resist perpetrating any major harm on its citizens, could be reflected in the planet Mars not having any power to “act” right now.

On the individual level, those with either Scorpio or Aries Ascendant or Moons, will feel the heat the most, as Mars rules their birth charts. So will Capricorn Rising and Moon signs, as this dance is going on in their first house of self and body. Cancerians can feel the combustion too, mostly in the relationship area of their lives, as Capricorn is their 7th house of marriage and partnership.   The combust condition will continue for an unusually long time, 11/27/10 – 4/25/11, so there may be some excessive restlessness, irritability or more quarrelsomeness than normal during this time, primarily for the signs just mentioned.  At least the two planets will not be running at the same degree, during this entire period. To see how this transit affects YOU, please contact me for a personal reading, at 303-473-9393.

SATURN RETROGRADE from January 25th until June 12th, 2011

Saturn is traveling through Virgo, a friend’s sign. It becomes more powerful to deliver the things it stands for, whenever it is retrograde. It will remain in this sign until 11/14/2011, at which time it will enter Libra for 2.5 years, its sign of exaltation.  As usual with astrology, there is some “good news/bad news” to its current state.  If we consider some of the things Saturn represents: the working class, servants, seniors, agriculture, law enforcement, duty, responsbility, perhaps we shall see some strengthening of the rights of workers, etc. during this period. Saturn is receiving a beneficial aspect now too, from benefic Jupiter, strong in its own sign of Pisces. The rights or the poor and working class are certainly in the forefront of the news right now, in several countries.

VENUS is transitting Sagittarius now, with malefic, passionate Rahu.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day! Venus will be in this sign from 1/29 – 2/24/2011.  Since Rahu “seizes and let’s go”, there can be plenty of intense romantic feelings, especially for Sagittarians now, but watch out for the sudden letting go feature! 

 Wishing you much happiness and planetary bliss, From the Sunshine Corner, Mary Stevenson. www.vedicstarcharts.com


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