Total LUNAR Eclipse 4/14-15; SOLAR Eclipse 4/29

April 6, 2014

Planet Movements for April, 2014

April 3, 2014 – Mercury went into Pisces, where it is “debilitated” or weaker than normal. This could affect tactfulness and diplomacy in general, and particularly affect those ruled by Mercury, the signs of Virgo and Gemini.  However this transit is in a good house for those with these Rising or Moon signs, so really should not be so bad. In other words, not like a “Mercury Retrograde” period!

April 12, 2014 – Mercury becomes “combust the Sun”, meaning traveling so close to the Sun that it can feel irritated and react rashly.  This status lasts until May 8th, and WILL affect Geminis and Virgos, so this is good to know, as a reminder to focus on patience now, as best you can.

April 13, 2014 – SUN enters ARIES, its sign of Exaltation, where it is the stronger and most powerful.  This will be a most auspicious transit for those with LEO Rising or Moon Signs, as the Sun rules Leo. Your leadership abilities should be outstanding now.  Aries sign folks will feel full of energy and dynamism, as well. This is a one month transit.

April 14 -15, 2014 – TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE.  This eclipse is interesting and unusual for a number of reasons. In terms of our local time here in Boulder, CO (Mountain Daylight Time), it begins at 10:53 p.m. on April 14, in the sign of VIRGO. But then the Moon quickly moves into the next sign LIBRA at 11:29 p.m. April 14th, to join the strong Saturn which has been in this sign for so long, and the malefic RAHU, which is trying to now “swallow” the light of the Moon, to put it out, and thus causing the eclipse.   Locally here in CO, we will experience the full effect of this eclipse on April 15th at 1:06 a.m., and it is over at 4:37 a.m. on April 15th.   This celestial event will be visible from North and South America, most of Europe, East Africa, the Middle East, and Central Asia.

April 20, 2014 – MERCURY enters Aries, where it joins its friend, the Sun.  Thus we see it will have a rather brief stay in Pisces, the previous sign, where it was debilitated.  Virgos and Geminis should contact me for a reading to understand the full impact on them personally, for this particularly transit.  It is basically GOOD for the Geminis, for gain and income, and can cause some feeling of “vulnerability” in the Virgos.

Annular Solar Eclipse of April 29

Now malefic Ketu, the south node of the Moon, tries to put out the bright light of the Exalted Sun in Aries. Just a reminder that no eclipse is considered as a positive thing in Vedic Astrology, but quite the opposite.  This eclipse will be visible in the following areas: the South Indian Ocean, the south edge of Indonesia, all of Australia, and Antarctica.  We are fortunate that this event will not be visible here in America.  Here is some very interesting information which I found on the NASA eclipse info website:

The first solar eclipse of 2014 occurs at the Moon’s descending node in southern Aries. This particular eclipse is rather unusual because the central axis of the Moon’s antumbral shadow misses Earth entirely while the shadow edge grazes the planet. Classified as a non-central annular eclipse, such events are rare. Out of the 3,956 annular eclipses occurring during the 5,000-year period -2000 to +3000, only 68 of them or 1.7% are non-central (Espenak and Meeus, 2006).

April 27, 2014 – benefic VENUS enters Pisces, its sign of exaltation which is grand news for those with Taurus rising or Moon signs, since Venus is the lord of your chart, and will now be crossing your 11th house of gain and income, in high status.  It rules Libra as well, but having Venus crossing your 6th house in such high dignity can actually increase your worries, stress, anxiety or “rivals, enemies, and competitors”, so this is not as comfortable for you Libra folks.  Other signs should expect more positive results from this transit, except for the Leos among us, as this is their 8th house of vulnerability and for the Aries folks, it is the 12th house of loss and expenditure, which may be increased for them in this time…until VENUS moves into Aries on MAY 23.

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MARS and SATURN are both retrograde now, as of 3/01 and 3/02

March 3, 2014

MARCH Planet Report: We currently have THREE planets in retrograde motion or “the appearance of going backwards” which does not bode so well for the areas these planets govern in your own natal Vedic birth chart.  You can also page down to previous Blog posts of mine, in which I describe at length the effect of planetary retrograde periods.  Planets get stronger to deliver what they stand for, while in retrograde. Mars and Saturn are considered malefic, plus they are enemies to one another, so traveling through the same sign i..e “being conjunct” is not an easy situation on a big scale, much less in certain individual charts.

On March 1st at 9:24 a.m. MST, MARS went retrograde.

On March 2nd at 9:12 a.m. MST, SATURN went retrograde.

Both planets have been traveling through the air sign of Libra, also conjunct with malefic lunar north node RAHU.  This malefic “planetary pile up” has been none too comfortable for those with Libra Rising or Moon signs (and to a lesser degree, Sun signs), for quite some time.  Hang in there, Librans!

As I have mentioned before, MARS and SATURN are “great enemies” so it is like rubbing two rocks together to produce sparks when they are traveling through the same sign. The President will have his hands full during this cycle, as Saturn rules his chart. At least Saturn is in the highest dignity, being exalted, but he will feel “up to his neck in alligators” including dealing with certain “foreigners” (Rahu governs foreigners) as long as these conjunctions continue.  There is just some roughness to be expected when the three strongest malefic planets have to share the same sign!

Who else gets impacted by this planetary placement? SCORPIO Ascendants and Moon sign folks, that’s who. Here in Libra, the ruler of your chart is now passing through your 12th house of loss and expenses. This may also make you tend to feel isolated or conversely, prefer seclusion. You can expect the same results, once Mars returns to Libra on 7/13, after its sojourn back in Virgo for a few months.

MARS backs all the way up into VIRGO on 3/24 where it will stay until 7/13. That is a very long haul, indeed (it goes into Direct motion on 5/19).  VIRGO Ascendants and Moon sign people will not be as comfortable with this fiery malefic passing through an enemy’s sign here. Mars rules Virgo’s 8th house of vulnerability. You could feel very active, restless, ambitious, but just not “settled” or comfortable, and perhaps even a little accident-prone.  VIRGO is the sign of the perfectionist.  On a global level, groups governed by this sign may fight to “prove” they are “right”!  Just a reminder that it is better to choose to be happy over “being right”, Virgos!

Mars was already in this practical Earth sign of Virgo from 11/26/13 through 2/04/14.  Therefore, projects begun in that timeframe may need to be revisited, updated or revised, to achieve final completion.

JUPITER, a great benefic, has been retrograde since 11/06/13. It finally goes direct motion on 3/06/14 at 3:19 a.m. MST. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces. Those who have these as Rising Signs or Moon signs, will be pleased to experience some forward momentum once again.

Remember to set your clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings Time on Sunday morning, March 9th! (for all States that observe same).

MERCURY enters Aquarius on 3/11, joined by Venus on 3/30/14. This is a friend’s sign to them both and those with the fixed air sign of Aquarius as Ascendants or Moon signs will enjoy the playfulness that these two planets will bring.

The Sun is in Aquarius until 3/14, when it moves into Pisces. This is the 8th house for Leos, the sign ruled by the Sun, so you could find yourself “going through changes” in the 30 day period beginning 3/14, as the 8th house represents transformation, vulnerability and sexuality.

APRIL will feature a total Lunar eclipse on 4/15 and an annular Solar eclipse on 4/29, so “watch this space” as we’ll discuss the impacts of these celestial events, next month.

When is the last time you treated yourself to a Vedic Astrology reading? It is only in the context of a personal reading that I can fully explain what all these planet movements mean for you now, and in the year ahead.

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MARS enters Libra Feb. 4th; Mercury goes Retrograde Feb. 6th

February 3, 2014

Are you ready for the astrological changes February is bringing in?

Well, ready or not, folks, here they come:

2/04/14 – fiery planet MARS enters the air sign Libra, where it will be conjunct with its enemy SATURN, which is very strong in his sign of Exaltation, as well as tricky north node RAHU.  This is going to be one doozy of a conjunction!  Yes, it does make me worry for possible outbreaks of violence throughout the world, including at the Olympics.  This is simply a very volatile planet line up.  Saturn is like the Immovable Object and Mars is like the Irresistible Force, to give you some idea of what I mean.  I am also concerned about several clients, friends and relatives who have been driven nearly to the edge already, just from Saturn and Rahu’s conjunction in Libra for the past year! Those of you with Libra Rising or Moon signs will be feeling this the most….

2/06 until 28 — Mercury will be retrograde. This can be expected to throw the typical monkey wrench into communication and any equipment which deals with same. Try not to take it personally, especially those of you with Virgo or Gemini Rising or Moon signs!

2/12 – Sun enters Aquarius – For Leo, the sign ruled by the Sun, this will be a pleasant change, as it leaves the 6th house of worry, enemies and obstacles and enters the 7th house of partners, travel and marriage, although this is still an enemy’s sign for the Sun, just as Capricorn was in the previous one month transit.

2/09 – 21 – Mercury combust the Sun.  Combustion occurs when a planet travels too close to the Sun. This condition makes the planet (and those ruled by it! – Virgos and Geminis) feel more irritable and crabby, rather than their usual diplomatic selves. Tactfulness may go by the wayside during this period.

2/18 – Mercury backs up into Capricorn (it has been in Aquarius).  Now we have the time to re-examine, or complete projects begun during the previous transit of this sign.

2/25 – Venus enters Capricorn – it is in a friend’s sign here and thus happy to bestow so many Venusian gifts upon those with Capricorn Rising or Moon signs: affection, comforts, even luxuries, pleasures – just be careful not to overdo it in terms of self-indulgence, Capricorns!

Looking ahead some into future months, there are some interesting points to consider:

 March 1st Mars will go retrograde, while in Libra.

March 24th Mars backs up into Virgo.  It does not go into direct motion again until May 19th.

JULY 13 will be a heck of a day!!

Early that day, at 1:40 a.m. MDT Rahu moves backwards, into Virgo (and Ketu into Pisces).  At 9:41 a.m. MDT Venus enters Gemini.  At 9:14 p.m. MARS enters Libra (again) and will stay there until September 4th!  So for awhile earlier that day, both Rahu and Mars will be in Sandhi (the gap) at late degrees of the same sign (Virgo) so that’s not a fun time, either.

When is the last time you treated yourself to a Vedic Astrology reading? It is only in the context of a personal reading that I can fully explain what all these planet movements mean for you now, and in the year ahead.

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New Year’s Day New Moon in Sagittarius – good for “new beginnings”

January 1, 2014

Are you ready for 2014?  We are off to a nice start on January 1st as the New Moon occurs at 4:15 a.m. MST in the fire sign of Sagittarius.

New Moons are known to be a great time to start something new, so I advise taking action on your New Year’s resolutions, even if it is just to write down an intention in your journal.  That may feel self-empowering, to set in motion the energy towards accomplishing your goals.  Of course 4:15 a.m. Mountain Time is rather early to roll out of bed and get into action, but that is the exact moment in which both Sun and Moon will be at the same degree and thus the official “new moon” in Sagittarius. The Moon is in this sign along with both Mercury and the Sun. Those with Sagittarius Rising and Moon Signs (in your natal birth chart) should especially enjoy the boost this gives you to start the new year with an optimistic spirit.

As 2014 begins, the two great benefics Jupiter and Venus are both in retrograde motion. Thus, the signs ruled by Jupiter (Sagittarius and Pisces) as well as those ruled by Venus (Taurus and Libra) may have that classic feeling of “some things going backwards” in their lives. Yet when a benefic planet is retrograde, it is even stronger to give its gifts, so this is not entirely a problem here.  Venus will “go direct” on January 31, and Jupiter not until March 6.

Venus is currently in Capricorn, a friend’s sign, but due to the retrograde motion, it backs up into Sagittarius on January 6. This will bring even MORE activity (and pleasure, comforts, luxuries, and earnings) to those with Sagittarius Ascendents or natal Moon signs! No complaints there.

After a couple of days with THREE planets in Sag. (Sun, Venus, Mercury), Mercury moves into Capricorn on January 8th. This is still helpful to the Sag’s, as communication will continue to be stimulated, plus their actions bring in money now and business should be good. For those ruled by Mercury (Virgos and Geminis), the Virgos will enjoy success and easy learning if their focus is on studies now (Capricorn is their 5th house). For the Geminis, Mercury in Capricorn represents your 8th house of transformation and vulnerability, so take care of your health now and don’t get too fixed on certain decisions made earlier, as they are likely to change. Yes, again!  LOL – Geminis are forever trying to decide between “on the one hand, this; but on the other hand, that” as their symbol is the Twins! Indecision thus reigns.

The SUN moves into Capricorn on January 14th and stays there for a month. This is not the most comfortable place for the Sun, on its yearly journey around the zodiac, as it is an “enemy’s sign.”  For Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, this is your 6th house of obstacles, enemies, rival and competitors, so better stay on your toes and try some relaxation techniques like meditation when you get home from all the stress at work each day.

For those with Capricorn Rising, like President Obama, the Sun rules your 8th house, bringing some vulnerabilities and thus still many fires to put out, so to speak, and a changing landscape upon which to navigate, rather than the stability which Capricorns would prefer.

Some of the exciting highlights of our upcoming slower-moving planet changes are as follows, and we will discuss these more in depth as we get closer to these dates are:

  • 6/18/14 JUPITER enters CANCER, its sign of Exaltation! This will be a delightful development for those with Cancer Rising or Moon signs, as Jupiter represents good luck and good fortune, happiness, good judgment and for us ladies, it represents husband. What a grand 12.5 months this will be!

  • 7/13/14 RAHU and KETU, the lunar nodes move, which only happens every 18 months. They always move backwards, thus Rahu enters Virgo, while Ketu will enter Pisces. This will actually be a HUGE blessing to get malefic tricky Rahu off the exalted Saturn in Libra. Finally Saturn should be able to give us the best of what it stands for in an unimpeded manner: duty, responsibility, structure, humility, dedicated service, and the ability for the mind to transcend. Those in the service industries will feel relief, at last.  Perhaps the minimum wage will finally get raised, at the national level.

  • It will be so interesting to experience TWO of the slower moving planets being Exalted at the same time: Jupiter and Saturn. From the sign of Libra, Saturn will be aspecting (“looking at”) Jupiter, which may hold in check any tendency for Jupiter to be too expansive for that period.

In any case, there are some welcome changes to look forward to in 2014, in terms of the astrological influences, and I welcome your inquiries for a personal reading to see what it all means for you. My contact phone number is 303-473-9393, or write me at healingevents@yahoo.com. Website http://www.vedicstarcharts.com.  All blessings to you, from the Sunshine Corner!


VENUS in Capricorn; Mars/Mercury house exchange now

December 7, 2013

Dear Readers, With the new year 2014 bearing down on us, have you thought about having a Yearly Reading to get clear on the astrological influences coming right up for you, and how they’ll affect your life?  Many of my clients do enjoy a fresh look at their planets each year, so please contact me if you’d like to make an appointment, and as usual, thank you for forwarding my Blog posts to your interested friends.

On November 30, 2013 MERCURY moved into Scorpio.

MARS entered VIRGO on November 26, 2013, so now they are each “visiting” each other’s signs.  Here is how this translates for the various signs of the Zodiac (you can learn your Vedic Ascendant and Moon signs by contacting me for a personal reading).

SCORPIOS benefit greatly from this 1st and 11th house ruler exchange.  This connects you to the house of “gain, income and fulfillment of desire.”  Some of the fruits of your previous actions should be coming to you now. Mercury also rules your 8th house so could bring also a few feelings of vulnerability, or some deeper insights that just pop into your awareness, or even some of what we call “other people’s money.”

VIRGOS – for you this is a 1st and 3rd house ruler exchange. This would bring courage, good vitality and greater motivation to get projects done, to name a few qualities.

12/03/2013 – MERCURY went combust the Sun (traveling too close to it, and feeling irritated and not as tactful as usual.)  Mercury rules the signs of Gemini and Virgo, so any of you with these Rising or Sun signs will feel somewhat easily annoyed and reactive until this combustion period ends on 1/20/2014.  

VENUS entered a friend’s sign, Capricorn on 12/05/2013.  It will stay there for quite some time – until 1/06/2014 due to being in retrograde motion from 12/21/13 until 1/31/2014.  The retrograde motion of a benefit planet, serves to make it more benefic, in Vedic Astrology.  CAPRICORNS will love having their best planet (yogakaraka) traveling through their first house of self, body and direction of their life, bringing the typical Venusian qualities of affection, enjoyment of luxuries, music, beauty and art. As your 5th and 10th ruler, it can bring you success in your career as well, now.  (Venus backs up into Sagittarius 1/06-2/25/2014)

We will cover the many exciting changes coming up in 2014 further, in my next Blog post. Thank you to those of you who already “follow” my monthly Blog postings.

As usual, I am happy to oblige with a personal reading, yearly reading, couples compatibility reading or astrocartography reading, if you would like to book an appointment. Please just call on me, and we can schedule a 90 minutes, taped session. From the Sunshine Corner, as ever, Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer, 303-473-9393, healingevents@yahoo.com.


SUN moves into Scorpio; a nice Sun/Mars exchange now

November 16, 2013

Good news for Scorpios!

November 16 – at long last, the planet pile up in beleaguered Libra is starting to clear out!  Very late on Nov. 15 in our Mountain time zone/wee hours of Nov. 16 in time zones east of here, the SUN moved into SCORPIO, a friend’s sign – thus ending a month of duress in its sign of Debilitation, Libra, where it endured a partial solar eclipse due to the conjunction with malefic RAHU and the discomfort and “crowded” feeling of also being conjunct with its great enemy Saturn.  

MARS has already been transiting LEO for some time. Mars owns the sign of Scorpio and the Sun owns the sign of Leo, so now they are “visiting” each other’s houses. This planetary exchange brings much more personal power, action and energy to the Scorpio Rising and Moon sign folks!  This is a nice break after having 4 planets piled up in your 12th house of loss, expenditure and isolation. Congratulations, Scorpios. This is a new day and should bring a new outlook.  It will probably also help governmental programs function better now since the SUN represents the government and it’s now out of debilitation. I feel better myself, already!  It will take a day or two for the Sun to move far enough into Scorpio to be out of “the gap” of zero degrees and just a few minutes into this sign, “samedhi” is the Sanskrit term.  Remember I’ve been writing in my last few posts, that this second half of November is when all the “rough stuff” would start to calm down somewhat, planet-transit-wise.

November 23 – Saturn goes out of combustion with the Sun, so it can function better now, too, helping those with Libra Ascendents or Moon signs natally, as well as Capricorns and Aquarians, the signs ruled by Saturn.

November 26 – Mars enters the earth sign of Virgo.  This can bring some energy and ambition to those born under this Rising or Moon sign.  It’s just that Mars also rules their 8th house of vulnerability and transformation.  With Mars also representing accident or acute illness, do take care of yourselves and try not to drive too fast or use any type of power tools in any reckless or hasty manner! Virgos usually pay very good attention to details so they can manage this transit, as long as they do not allow impatience or temper to become a problem. MARS WILL REMAIN IN THIS SIGN ALL THE WAY TILL FEBRUARY 4th.

November 30 – MERCURY enters SCORPIO.  This will reduce the number of planets in Libra down to just two: RAHU and SATURN.  This should help the Librans feel less intense energy than they have for some time.  

DECEMBER 2013 brings Mercury going combust on 12/03 and VENUS moving into its friend’s sign Capricorn on 12/05.  Overall, it looks like a calmer time as we move further past the two recent eclipses and unpleasant conjunctions.

As usual please feel free to forward this blog post to others, and I appreciate referrals. To see more clearly how the planets are affecting your own life, I may be contacted to book personal readings at 303-473-9393 and healingevents@yahoo.com – thank you, Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer http://www.vedicstarcharts.com is my website.


Solar Eclipse, November 3rd; Mercury goes Direct on November 10th

November 3, 2013

Today’s Solar Eclipse – November 3, 2013

11/03/2013 – this partial solar eclipse occurred from 5:15 to 7:10 a.m. Mountain Time, but was not actually visible here in Colorado. It was visible and thus affecting astrologically, the eastern 2/3 of the USA, the North Atlantic, northern South America, the Middle East and equatorial Africa.  A good website for visually tracking this and other eclipses is http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/usa/insert name of city here.

Eclipses are inauspicious from the point of view of Vedic Astrology, as here we have malefic Rahu (north node of the Moon), trying to “swallow” i.e. put out of the light of the great luminary of our solar system, the Sun.  This occurred in the sign of LIBRA, which has already been so greatly afflicted in recent months, due to the conjunction of malefic Rahu and exalted Saturn in this sign.  Those with Libra Ascendant or Moon signs would feel this additional affliction from the solar eclipse the most, along with LEOs, as the Sun rules their sign.

At least we are past that dicey period that exists between two eclipses, in this case the partial lunar eclipse which occurred on October 18th, and this one today, the partial solar eclipse of November 3rd.  We are coming into the home stretch! Pretty soon some of the combined intense planet energy will start to lift, as follows:

11/10/2013 – Mercury gets out of retrograde.  The 3 week period that is ending has offered us a chance to review and rectify projects and communications which were started some time ago.  We’ve had an opportunity now to improve, amend or repair whatever was left incomplete, which is a good thing, really.  Of course, the snafus, miscommunications or communications equipment  failures that also accompany any Mercury Retrograde period were in abundance as well.  I guess I have learned to just “not take these things personally” as I was able to laugh off one of these “anything that can go wrong, will” scenarios, while trying to fill my brother’s car with gasoline on a recent visit back to SC.  It was a really laughable and ridiculous situation, that would not have happened unless Mercury was retrograde!

Other coming improvements:

11/07/2013 – Mercury gets out of combustion with the Sun, making Virgos and Geminis (since Mercury rules those signs) feel much happier, and helping communication and commerce for most people.

11/15/2013 – the Sun moves from its debilitation sign of Libra (leaving behind the troublesome Rahu and its enemy Saturn in the process), and moves into a friend’s sign, SCORPIO. This helps renew energy for the Leos of the zodiac, and brings power and focused action to Scorpio Rising and Moon sign folks as well.

11/23/2013 – one problematic occurrence, especially for those with Capricorn or Aquarius Ascendants or Moon signs (as Saturn rules those signs), has been the extreme combustion of Saturn with the Sun.  This combust status does not end until 11/23.  Right now the Sun and Saturn are within 2 degrees of each other, in Libra (which does not make the Librans feel so good, either!).   They will be at the very same degree on November 6th.  Combustion of a planet makes its significations be “like a crispy critter”; so all the GOOD things Saturn stands for, like self discipline, hard work and duty, will be under the gun until this is over.  Once again, we have multiple reasons, as discussed in previous blog posts of  mine, that it will take until the second half of November for planetary conditions and influences to become much improved.

11/06/2013 – another development of great interest will be benefic planet JUPITER going retrograde on this date.  It is transiting the sign of Gemini, and rules the 7th house of partners for this sign. Perhaps Geminis will get the chance to re-examine former connections and consider a fresh start?  Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces, so those with these Rising or Moon signs will also feel the effects.  The retrograde motion continues for a long time – until the wee hours of March 6, 2014 – plenty of time for the above signs to rearrange situations which need some final touches of improvement and put things in order.

As usual please feel free to forward this blog post to others, and I appreciate referrals. To see more clearly how the planets are affecting your own life, I may be contacted to book personal readings at 303-473-9393 and healingevents@yahoo.com – thank you, Mary Stevenson, Vedic Astrologer http://www.vedicstarcharts.com is my website.


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